Month: July 2013

Google Updates Link Schemes Document under Webmaster Guidelines

Here’s something you may have missed over the weekend: Google quietly updated their Link Schemes document under the Webmaster Guidelines. They added three new types of links to their list of links that violate their guidelines, and removed two examples. These changes reflect Google’s continued effort to target unnatural linking. The following items have been …

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Google Chromecast Brings Online Video to Your Living Room

Earlier this week, Google officially released the Chromecast, a small HDMI dongle that could affect the online video industry in a big way. Chromecast allows users to transfer and stream content from mobile video and audio apps to their HDTVs.   Stream and Queue Videos from Popular Websites and Apps Currently, the Chromecast can stream …

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Google Analytics Updates Advanced Segments

Online marketing tracking and analytics tools are constantly evolving to provide more information about consumer behavior, site traffic and activity. Google has recently announced a reimagining of their Advanced Segments feature in Analytics. This latest update presents changes in the way you can create segments, wrapped in a new user interface.   Images from Google …

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Facebook Graph Search: A Closer Look

Last week, Facebook has started rolling out Graph Search among English language users in the US. Throughout the week and over the weekend, other Facebook users from around the world have received the update. Some features have changed since Facebook first gave a preview of what Graph Search would be like – here’s a quick …

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Google Launches Maps App for Android Devices

Earlier this year, Google announced they would be creating a new version of their Google Maps app for iOS and Android. Google Maps 7.0.0 has just been released for Android smartphones and tablets, and users are already applauding the app’s new look and features. Google Maps Director Daniel Graf says, “The new Google Maps for …

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Four Instagram and Pinterest Marketing Lessons from Big Brands

The popularity of photography apps and image sharing sites proves just how powerful visuals can be. A single image can convey a lot more than a whole paragraph can, and tap into as many emotions as a compelling online video does.

Apu Gupta, CEO and co-founder of Curalate, says that consumers share nearly 5,000 images on Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram each second. That’s in addition to the amount of visual content Pinterest’s 40 million users share each day.

Yahoo! Announces Acquisition of Qwiki

It wasn’t long ago that Vine was launched, and that Instagram released their own video functionality. Now Vine and Instagram beware: Yahoo! is entering the mobile video app scene.

Yahoo! and Qwiki, a start-up mobile video app company, both announced the former’s acquisition of the latter yesterday. Doug Imbruce, founder of Qwiki, shared in the company’s official blog that they were thrilled to be joining Yahoo!. He also that their mobile app will continue being supported, which Yahoo! has not done with some of the startups they have recently acquired.



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