5 Characteristics of a Good Offshore Outsourcing Company

Offshore outsourcing can be tricky because you will be entrusting your business to an organization that is not within your vicinity. Working with an outsourcing provider requires that you research your partner well. It demands that you look at factors other than profitability, although this will always be your main motivation. Remember that your outsource provider will represent and reflect your business throughout your partnership.

As the leader of a fast-growing offshore outsourcing company, I’ve seen and heard comments from our clients regarding what they are looking for. The following is a list of characteristics that you should examine carefully when choosing your long-term offshore outsourcing partner, characteristics which I’m proud to say we possess.

The study from KPMG Institutes shows the current state of outsourcing in the world.

Commitment to Quality

It’s important for you to establish what level of service fulfillment you need from your provider, and document this properly for review and evaluation later on. We provide this through our Service Level Agreement (SLA) document. In the document, we state what service levels we agree to – what specific things are included in each of our packages, and what level of fulfillment we set as our standard – and we deliver. The SLA includes detailed descriptions, such as what reports are included, what processes are involved, and how soon we can fulfill each step of the process.


Every industry has its unique set of requirements, and every business has its specific needs. We’ve designed our packages to meet your specific needs, whether you need SEO services, website design services, or IT outsourcing tasks. We also do not give out long-term contracts. This gives you the flexibility to renew your contracts when you are contented with our services, and it allows you to decide how soon to start your campaigns.

Open Communication

Transparency and open communication are important in maintaining a healthy working relationship between you and your outsource provider. This is because you won’t be working face to face. Offshore outsourcing requires constant communication to ensure that all systems are running well and the processes are being fulfilled as agreed upon in your SLA.

In line with this, we give you dedicated account managers who monitor your campaign and give you regular updates on your performance online. We also provide detailed reports through our reporting dashboard to show you what kind of work we’ve done, what results we’re seeing, and what we recommend for your campaign in the coming month.

Complete Staff Resources

It’s important to check the resources of your offshore outsourcing provider, both in terms of staffing and technology. You’ll want a provider who has the capacity and the expertise to carry out your online marketing strategy properly and effectively. Our team is composed of highly-experienced designers, developers, SEO specialists, writers, and budding leaders in the outsourcing and IT industries in the Philippines. When combined with our advanced in-house technology and our flexible packages, our clients end up with a complete offshore outsourcing suite.

Reliability and Stability

Your business needs a partner who has a good record of accomplishment and who has safeguards and backups in place in case something unexpected affects your campaign. It’s important to check past records and visit your offshore outsourcing provider regularly to check that all facilities are up to date, and to discuss marketing and business processes face to face. We welcome potential and existing clients to our offices to check our facilities and meet our staff. This gives us a chance to get to know our clients better and to give them updates on their online marketing campaigns.

We’d be happy to address your offshore outsourcing needs. Talk to us today and let us know what you need, and we’ll talk you through the different digital marketing services that we offer.

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