4 Reasons to Stop Doing Everything Internally

Many businesses feel the need to do everything in-house, but you should know when you need to outsource. Forcing your company to handle processes that could easily be outsourced can result in half-baked results. If you haven’t started outsourcing yet, here are a few reasons you should.

Fewer Missed Opportunities

Unnecessary opportunity costs can be just as wasteful as unnecessary financial expenses. It’s easy to forget the value of time and attention. We’ve worked with several clients who have all the skill required to handle their online marketing campaigns, but they still choose to outsource from us to free up their time. When you’re thinking about outsourcing, look at each of your processes carefully and ask yourself: will spending my own people’s time on this process be a good investment, or is their time better spent elsewhere?

Better Focus and Specialization

Chip Paucek, the co-founder and CEO of 2U, says that “Focus is severely underrated and incredibly hard for entrepreneurs to embrace.” Many entrepreneurs feel the need to pounce on any new idea or opportunity, and belatedly realize that they can’t be productive or effective when they’re being pulled in too many directions at once.

Business process outsourcing allows your company to focus on what it does best. Look at all your processes and see if there is any benefit or advantage to keeping it in-house. For example, it might be better to outsource a desk support specialist instead of hiring one full-time for your gardening supply store.

A Level Playing Field

Start-ups, smaller companies, or any businesses that want to be more competitive can benefit from outsourcing. It’s difficult to compete with larger companies in terms of scale, expertise, and efficiency. Working with a good outsourcing company grants you access to professionals with the experience and expertise your business needs to level the playing field.

Reduced Internal Costs

Doing things internally might seem more affordable, but you might reconsider when you dig deeper into your accounting books and add up all the overhead expenses, such as insurance, salaries, training fees, and payroll taxes. There’s also the risk of additional expenses when a full-time employee leaves or is let go. With outsourcing companies, you only have to pay for the services you need, and you won’t be losing money when you decide to stop working with them.

Our outsourcing services can help your company make the most of its time and resources, help improve its overall productivity, and give you a better competitive edge. Talk to us to get started!

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