Changing Pace: Key Pointers for a New Digital Strategy

The continuous changes in the digital landscape have taken business marketing to a new level. It’s not just about being visible to your audience; you need to know how to tap into their interests and make an actual connection. As dynamics shift from businesses to consumers, how you execute your digital strategy can make all the difference.

A digital strategy can take your business from good to great. It allows you to build the foundation for your online presence, providing you the root to grow your business.

But, how do you change directions in your digital strategy when the need arises? You can’t just dive straight into changes then expect results in a blink.

Before you think about changing your digital strategy, ask yourself these questions:


1. What is important for your business?

BusinessYour digital strategy will most likely succeed if you align it with your business objective. Ask yourself, “Why am I doing this? What can I get from this?” You need to have a strong sense of how your digital strategy will affect your business as a whole.

Let’s look at how Nike works its digital campaigns. Instead of simply promoting products through endorsements from athletes, the famous sports brand uses innovation and online engagement as part of its strategies. By thinking of the potential opportunities for their business, and then combining these with creative digital strategies, Nike has always something new to offer to customers. This puts them at a completely different level from competitors.

Every strategy is different for every business, though. Look back to your business goals, so you can align your digital strategy accordingly.

2. What are the needs of your customers?

Your digital success is not just about ROI—it’s all about how customers will respond to your brand. To get the right digital experience, set realistic expectations and understand the behavior of your customers.

The price of ignorance can be high. When you don’t have a clear idea of what your customers need, your business will have a hard time meeting deliverables. What happens after this? Customers turn to others – your competitors.

Defining your customer value proposition provides you the opportunity to identify strong points that connect with your prospects.

3. What are the digital trends that you can use to the advantage of your business?

Digital Trends

How effective you adapt to trends will take a large piece of your digital strategy. You can change the rules, follow the trends, or do both. It all boils down to thorough analysis of your situation and a dash of creativity.

One great example is shifting to an omni-channel approach. As consumers are becoming more proactive with connecting to businesses, the omni-channel approach provides a complementary experience to your prospects. To maximize opportunities, you need to:

  • See things from the perspective of your customers
  • Gather the right data
  • Segment your customer base
  • Develop consistent messaging across your platforms

The secret to developing an effective digital strategy is not to try everything at once. Don’t bite more than you can chew; take one trend at a time and see how this will fit into your digital strategy.

4. What are your digital capabilities?

The real roadblocks to integrating a successful digital strategy are the fast-paced technological changes. All your efforts will go to waste if you fail to adapt to the evolution of the digital landscape. In this aspect, evaluate your digital capabilities.

How will you know what methodologies to apply if you don’t know how to work on them? Think of your existing strategies before you shift to a new one. Reviewing what you are doing now makes it easier to identify weak spots, so you don’t replicate them when you transition to a new digital strategy.

Your digital strategy should be as fluid as your industry; it should be flexible for easier adjustment when the need arises. One final question: Is it time to move out of your comfort zone?

Only you can answer that.

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