Town Hall Recap: December 13, 2013

Our weekly Town Hall meetings are always full of positivity and good cheer, and it was no different last week, even though it was Friday the 13th. We gave away the prizes for the On-Time, Big Time raffle, applauded the TrueLogic team members who performed exceptionally well, and announced the plans for our Christmas celebration.

Clayton and Itamar hosting TrueLogic’s Town Hall meeting on December 13, 2013.

Positive Feedback

We always make it a point to celebrate our accomplishments and give credit to the great people who make them possible. Many of our team members got positive feedback from clients and project managers alike:

  • Carlo (Project Manager), for being an “awesome guy”, according to one of our Australian clients
  • Stan (SEO Specialist), for identifying the cause of a problem with a client’s website and fixing it
  • Raffy (SEO Specialist), for his fantastic work on keyword research and analysis, and for giving one of our project managers “one of the fastest turnarounds for keyword research deliverables”
  • Team Hotrod, Eden (SEO Team Lead), and Jamie (QA Analyst), for creating a great report for one of our clients, and Team Grimlock for their initial efforts on the same campaign

Great job everyone, and keep up the awesome work!


We’re proud to have worked with the following team members for another year, and look forward to continue working with them:

  • Edwin (Sr. SEO Specialist)
  • Zhai (Shift Manager)


Congratulations to Ariel from the Web Development team for being promoted to Lead Developer! We’re always happy to work with team members who have the skill and initiative to take charge and get projects done quickly and efficiently.


My own regularization was announced last week. I’m very proud to be part of the TrueLogic family!

TrueLogic Noche Buena

We decided to keep our Christmas celebration simple this year. We’re having the TrueLogic Noche Buena at the Oyster Bar in Greenbelt III this Friday at 7pm. Town Hall will be held at 5:30pm to give everyone enough time to prepare and head to the venue.

We will also be having a company-wide exchange gift. Employees are encouraged to post their wishlists on the hallway windows, and we (HRA) will be going around throughout the week to let participants draw the name of the person they will be buying a gift for.

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Armund Romero

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