Town Hall Recap: December 20, 2013

Last week’s Town Hall meeting was full of celebration in time for the holiday season. We congratulated several members of our team for their achievements, had a warm sendoff for two of our esteemed colleagues, and celebrated the yuletide season TrueLogic-style with our Noche Buena. Let’s recap the events from last week.

Positive Feedback

We always make it a point to acknowledge the exceptional work done by our team members. This week, the following people received nods for a job well done:

  • Aileen (Content Writer), for setting the standard for content by writing a “well-researched and well-written” press release for one of our long-term clients
  • Mark (Sales & AM Manager), for guiding and pushing our project managers “with patience, wisdom, wit, encouragement, and faith” to handle the needs of our clients better

Great job, and may you continue to serve as inspirations to our entire organization!


Several members of our team will be celebrating their birthdays this Christmas season. Join us in greeting the following people a happy birthday:

  • Joy (Content)– December 20
  • Romnick (PPC) – December 25
  • Cesar (Ops – Night Shift) – December 24
  • Benjie (Ops) – December 26
  • Mitch (Ops) – December 22
  • Gaia (Web Dev) – December 25

Happy birthday, and enjoy the holiday season!


It’s our honor to celebrate the anniversaries of the people who choose to grow with us. Join us in honoring the following anniversary celebrants:

  • Joan (Ops) – 2 years
  • Eden

Thank you for all the great work you’ve done, and we’re looking forward to more fruitful years with you!

Special Recruitment Announcement

As we continue growing, we want to give our current employees incentive to refer other great people they feel will be a perfect fit for our team. We announced our referral program for the following positions:

  1. Senior PHP Programmer
  2. Project Manager
  3. Junior Project Manager

Employees who successfully refer people in these positions may choose from the following prizes:

  • Sony Smart Watch
  • Polariod Diamond 8” Tablet
  • Philips ActionFit Bluetooth Headset
  • Lenovo A690
  • Toshiba Canvio 3.0 Portable 1 TB External Hard Drive
  • G-Shock Casio (Black)
  • iPod Nano 7th Generation 16 GB

Other Special Announcements

Employee Service Award

Employees who reach three years and more with our company are given an Employee Service Award in recognition of their continued dedication and significant contribution to our organization. This week, we are happy to give this recognition to:

  • Raffy (SEO Analyst) – 3 years, hired last November 2, 2010

Raffy received a plaque of recognition and a Lenovo A390 phone for three years of dedicated service to TrueLogic. Thank you for your hard work, and we’re looking forward to more years with you!

TLOS Game Changers

TrueLogic is proud to recognize the significant contributions of the following people over the past year. We’ve changed and improved a lot as an organization, and these game changers have been instrumental in conceptualizing and implementing these changes. Join us in recognizing the efforts of the following people:

  • Ariel (Senior PHP Programmer)
  • Karen Anne (Learning Dept.)
  • MC (Jr. Software Engineer), JC (Jr. Marketing Assistant), and Denis (SEO Team Lead)
  • Mary June (Web Content Manager)

You’ve all done an exceptional job, keep up the good work and may you continue upholding our tradition of being innovators!

Employee Sendoff

Last Friday, we gave a warm sendoff to two of our esteemed colleagues. Please help us bid farewell to two of our dedicated employees:

  • Mafe (Workforce)
  • Mike (Content Department)

In line with this week’s sendoff, we were glad to announce the winner of The Search for the Mafentastic Boyfriend of the Year, who was handpicked by Mafe herself. After much deliberation, Mafe chose Jem (Ops) as the Mafentastic boyfriend of the year. As the winner, he received a Mafentastic Box from StoryBrooke. Congratulations, Jem!

Sending off Mafe and Mike

Thank you for everything you’ve done for our company, Mike and Mafe, and we wish you luck in your future endeavors!

On-Page Optimization SEC Training

The Learning Department also gave the participants of the On-Page Optimization SEC Training a shout-out for the hard work and dedication they’ve shown in completing the program. The following people received certificates of completion for attending and completing the training:

  • Angela (Project Manager)
  • April (Ops)
  • CJ (Project Manager)
  • Eddie (Project Manager)
  • Edwin (Ops)
  • Elyssa (Senior Content Writer)
  • Elzer John (Ops)
  • Erika (Ops – Night Shift)
  • Gaia (Web Development)
  • Gary (Project Manager)
  • Hannah (Ops)
  • Henry (Ops)
  • Isamu (Workforce)
  • Jilliane (Ops)
  • Joan (Ops)
  • Joseph (Ops)
  • Lester (Senior Content Writer)
  • Mark Daniel (Ops)
  • Mark (Sales & AM Manager)
  • Messila Dei (Ops)
  • Paulo (Ops)
  • Raffy (SEO Analyst)
  • RJ (Project Manager)
  • Roznelette (Jr. SEO Specialist)
  • Will (Project Manager)

We also congratulated the following people for being the On-Page Training’s High Flyers:

Rank 5: Gaia (Web Development)
Rank 4: Jilliane (Ops)
Rank 3: Elyssa (Senior Content Writer)
Rank 2: Lester (Senior Content Writer)
Rank 1: Edwin (Ops)

Please claim your class cards and portfolios from Karen this week.

We’re also happy to announce that we’ve started with the certification of some of the members of the On-Page and Sales teams, and the rest will be scheduled within the following three weeks. We would like to remind you to book your schedules with the Learning Department at the soonest time possible.
Join us in congratulating the first batch of On-Page Certified individuals:

  • Edwin (Ops)
  • Henry (Ops)
  • Joseph (Ops)
  • Paulo (Ops)
  • CJ (Project Manager)

TrueLogic Noche Buena

Our Christmas celebration, the TrueLogic Noche Buena, followed our early Town Hall meeting. The event, held at the Café Vía Mare Oyster Bar in Greenbelt 3, was an intimate dinner where the members of the TrueLogic family had a chance to talk, relax, and celebrate the yuletide season over dinner and drinks.

Highlights of TrueLogic Christmas Party

Visit our Facebook page to see more photos from the event. Merry Christmas to everyone and we hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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