Town Hall Recap: January 17, 2014

Last week’s Town Hall meeting was short and sweet. We received lots of positive feedback, celebrated birthdays and regularizations, and continued our On-Page Certification Pinning Ceremony to congratulate the team members who successfully completed our first On-Page training module.

Positive Feedback and Shout-Outs

Mark Dennis, our Business Development Manager, wanted to congratulate our keyword research team for impressing one of our tougher, newer clients. The client thought it was “great work”, complimented the team for catching a keyword he himself missed, and approved the research “as is” at the first attempt.

Gary, one of our Project Managers, relayed some great feedback for a blog post written by Web Content Writer Rom-Jaye. The client said it was “well-done”, and immediately approved and published the content on their website.

Carlo, another Project Manager, had some positive feedback for our videographers and webmasters, too. Our videographers managed to produce a great video that one client said was “great”, and even made him say that he “didn’t know a video can be that engaging,” while our webmasters implemented the planned on-page changes for another client’s website so fast that the client called them “legendary.”

The TrueLogic Operations Team Leaders

The TrueLogic Ops Team Leaders proudly strike a pose.

It’s always great to hear words of praise and encouragement for our teams. Keep up the awesome work, everyone!


We congratulated Ariel, our Lead Developer, for completing his probationary phase and joining us a regularized member of the team!


One of our Web Content Writers celebrated his birthday last week, on January 15. Happy birthday, Jayson!

On-Page Optimization Certification

As I mentioned last week, our Learning Department finished our first On-Page Optimization training module back in December, and we congratulated everyone who managed to complete the course. We congratulated three more team members for completing the module:

  • Eddie (Project Manager)
  • Elyssa (Senior Writer)
  • Lester (Senior Writer)
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Armund Romero

Armund Romero

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