Town Hall Recap: November 8, 2013

A new month brings a new set of things to celebrate in our weekly Town Hall meetings. Join me in recapping the highlights of last week’s Town Hall meeting, where we recognized some of our most outstanding employees, celebrated several anniversaries and birthdays, and drew the winners for our monthly On Time, Big Time perfect attendance raffle.

Positive Feedback

In last week’s Positive Feedback section, we put the spotlight on the Content Department’s top performers for the month of October. The following people received recognition for a job well done in their respective categories:

Quality Rockstars

1st – Elyssa
2nd – Aileen
3rd – Jay
4th – Herman
5th – Rom-Jaye


1st – Jayson
2nd – Rom-Jaye
3rd – Lester
4th – Elyssa
5th – Justin

October Over-All Rockstar – The Recipient of the Writer’s Awesome Belt:

The Content Department's Over-All Rockstar for the month of October, Elyssa

The Content Department’s Over-All Rockstar for the month of October, Elyssa

Join us in recognizing these writers for a job well done, and keep up the good work!


We’re very happy that members of the TrueLogic family choose to stay and grow with us. We’d like to give our thanks and congratulations to the following people who celebrated their anniversaries with us last week:

  • Ysrael (Web Content Writer) 
  • Paolo (Jr. SEO Specialist) 
  • Billy (Jr. Web Content Writer) 
  • Ciara (Jr. Web Content Writer)
  • Jayson (Admin Clerk)

We hope to continue working with you and we’re glad to have you on the team!


Join us in greeting the following members of the TrueLogic team a happy birthday:

  • Gary (Account Manager) – 11/08
  • Enrique (Web Designer) – 11/09
  • Herman (Web Content Writer) – 11/10

On-Time, Big Time Raffle Draw

Last week’s Town Hall meeting was the time to draw the winners for October’s On Time, Big Time attendance raffle. The following prizes will be received by the winners in this week’s Town hall:

  • First Prize – a Classic Gas Range or an Acer Liquid Android Phone (Jellybean OS)
  • Second Prize – a Polaroid 8-inch Android Tablet (Jellybean OS) or a Seagate 1TB Portable Hard Drive
  • Third Prize – 6 gift certificates worth P500

Congratulations to the following winners and keep up your perfect attendance record:

  • First Prize – Elyssa (Content)
  • Second Prize – Stanley (Ops)
  • Third Prize: 
    • Francis Jay (Ops)
    • Jayson (Content)
    • Aileen (Content)
    • Rom-Jaye (Content)
    • Wileene (Content) 
    • Camille Joy (Content)

This concludes last week’s Town Hall recap. Join us again next week as we continue to celebrate the achievements of our TrueLogic team members!

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Armund Romero

Armund Romero

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