Town Hall Recap: October 4, 2013

We have Town Hall meetings at the end of each week, but everyone always looks forward to the ones we hold during the final week of each month. These special Town Hall meetings are when we bring in food and cake to celebrate the birthdays for the past month and announce the On Time, Big Time raffle winners.

Last week’s Town Hall was especially exciting because of all the client praise and employee achievements we got to celebrate.

TrueLogic Online Solutions Inc. employees applauding during a Town Hall meeting

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Client Praise

We receive positive feedback from clients regularly, but some of the most notable ones from last week include special shout outs to our night shift web dev team (led by Gaia), Gary, (one of our dayshift account managers), and Team Hotrod (nightshift SEO team).


We also congratulated one of our videographers, Adrian, for being promoted to Motion Graphics Team Leader.

Birthday Celebrants

We wished the following TrueLogic family members a happy birthday last week:

    • Randolf (Sr. SEO Specialist) – 10/06
    • Mike (Content Fulfillment Specialist) – 10/03
    • Edwin (Sr. SEO Specialist) – 10/03
    • Chai (HR and Admin Assistant) – 10/4


We congratulated the following TrueLogic family members for completing their probation period and starting as regularized employees:

    • Tina (Administration Assistant)
    • Joy (Jr. Web Content Writer)
    • Jean (Jr. Web Content Writer)


The following TrueLogic family members celebrated their anniversaries last week:

    • Rommel (PHP Developer)
    • Enrique (Web Designer)

We’re always thrilled to celebrate our long-term employee’s achievements and growth as they continue to work with us.

The Content Department’s top performer for the month of September

Rom-Jaye, the Content Department’s overall top performer for September

Content Department Rankings

Our Content Department awards prizes to the top three performers for quantity and quality each month. We congratulated the following writers for doing an outstanding job:

Top Three for Quality

    • Rom-Jaye (Web Content Writer)
    • Elyssa (Senior Web Content Writer)
    • Jay (Web Content Writer)

Top Three for Quantity

    • Lester (Senior Web Content Writer)
    • Jayson (Web Content Writer)
    • Elyssa (Senior Web Content Writer)

Overall Top Performer

    • Rom-Jaye (Web Content Writer)

On-Time Big Time Raffle Winners

For this month’s On-Time Big Time raffle, we gave away these prizes:

    • Third Place (6 winners): 500 PHP Starbucks Gift Certificate
    • Second Place (1 winner): O+ Android phone or Sony Smart Watch Gen 2
    • First Place (1 winner): PSP Vita Wifi or Personal Refrigerator

We always provide the first and second place winners with two prizes to choose from.

Congratulations to our eight lucky winners!

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