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TrueLogic Talk at Digital Marketing In A BLINK Conference

There is no doubt today’s customers are more social, more savvy, and more connected than ever before. We are at the Dawn of the Connected Consumers. All of this means you need to have a much smarter strategy to pursue them.

This is why TrueLogic Online Solutions was invited to speak at Digital Marketing In A Blink Conference organized by Fiera De Manila at AIM Conference Center, Makati City, Philippines. Our speakers were invited to walk digital marketers, SEOs, and anyone connected to the field of Marketing, through the Dynamic Journey of Marketing in the Connected Generation Era.

Itamar Gero, CEO of TrueLogic, discussed Retargeting & Affiliate Marketing, Clayton Wood, Sales & Marketing Director of TrueLogic, shed light on Creating Awesome Content, and Zafar Ahmed, Search & Social Manager at TrueLogic, walked everyone through Building and Nurturing Brands in Online Communities.

Watch the videos below of our speeches at the Conference.

Affiliate Programs & Retargeting – Key Points & Best Practices by Itamar Gero, CEO.

Creating Awesome Content by Clayton Wood, Marketing Director

Brands in Online Communities – Zafar Ahmed, Search & Social Manager

We would like to thank everyone at the conference for their great support. We hope everyone enjoyed Itamar, Clayton, and Zafar share their insights into the world of digital marketing, and yes, in a BLINK.


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Karen de Castro

Karen de Castro

Karen de Castro is a Marketing Copywriter for TrueLogic. She graduated from UP Diliman and worked in a major television station in the Philippines before coming to TrueLogic. When she's not writing PRs, blogs and other marketing collateral, you will find her in the kitchen, cooking and baking different concoctions and aspiring to become a chef. Traveling, photography and music keep her imagination active.