3 Unexpected Tips to Boost Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Online marketing is a great tool for start-ups and small-medium enterprises (SMEs) because compared to traditional marketing, the Internet is an equal opportunity arena. However, given the sheer number of competition moving to the online community, it’s important to have a unique and consistent digital marketing strategy in order to get ahead.

As an online marketing consultant, I’ve worked with different start-ups and SMEs and helped them leverage online marketing to grow their business. I want to share a few unexpected lessons in marketing for entrepreneurs I’ve learned in my years in this industry.

Marketing Drives Your Product, Not the Other Way Around

It’s important for you to build up traction around your brand / your product / your service long before your target launch date. We’ve followed this in our business for years now and it has worked well for us and for our clients. The reason it works is because you build up momentum and you gain an audience who will keep coming back for more if you are giving them information that is engaging, relevant, and high quality.

How we do it: We begin by creating your online presence through different online assets. We clean up and improve your website, we create your social media accounts, and start producing content that establishes your extensive knowledge in your industry. This helps build traction around your brand and pull in followers who may become your customers later on. This ensures you have an audience ready to receive information about any products or services you want to launch when the time comes, and creates brand ambassadors who will help spread the word about what you have to offer.

Don’t Be Afraid of Making Mistakes – Start with a Strategy that Allows Errors

We’ve heard the old adage before: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” This is true especially when it comes to online marketing. You can’t focus all your resources on a single marketing strategy, because once that fails, you lose your audience and you’ll have to start from scratch. Take it from Zappos.com – they’re not just focused on SEO. They’re in social media, blogs, they have their own learning center, and they have their paid ads. They even study and use repins on Pinterest to suggest items to their potential customers.

Zappos.com receives its traffic from several web properties, a few of which are pictured above.

Zappos.com receives its traffic from several web properties, a few of which are pictured above.

How we do it: We offer a complete range of online marketing solutions that you can combine for maximum effect. We make sure that each solution integrates elements of other marketing methodologies for easier campaign integration. Our team sources your traffic through different channels and integrates your brand message and online marketing to ensure that you are sending a consistent message across all platforms.

Inbound Marketing Works, So Be Patient

A comic depicting how marketers sometimes give up on inbound marketing tactics after trying it a short time

This isn’t exactly unexpected, but some of you may not realize the value of inbound marketing so I had to include it in the list. It’s important to realize that inbound marketing isn’t an instant results type of strategy – it’s one that takes time, effort, and investment, especially in the beginning, while you’re still building up your audience. You’ll see the snowball effect in inbound marketing – it starts out small, but as the ball rolls, it gets bigger and bigger.

How we do it: Our strategy is centered on producing and marketing high-quality content through different online channels. By consistently delivering information that your target audience wants, and by engaging them in conversations, we help establish your brand as the go-to entity for industry information. We seek out the online influencers and build relationships with them. Only then do we start targeting more competitive keyword phrases with more in-depth content.

This type of snowball marketing goes on until you reach larger audiences and grow your domain authority. At this point, inbound marketing will have paid off – you’ll need less effort to rank your content and launch products / services successfully, because you’ll be an established brand.
Diverting from the usual practices helps keep your marketing strategy fresh and gives your small business an edge. Talk to us today to learn more unexpected tips and we’ll help you create a winning strategy for your brand.

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Clayton Wood

Clayton Wood

Clayton Wood is passionate about communicating the impact that technology has in online marketing, and how inbound marketing helps small and large businesses achieve their goals for themselves, their families and their communities. He’s managed thousands of online marketing campaigns across the globe, helped start ups be profitable in three different countries for over 6 years.