Fit to Work: Truelogic’s Health and Wellness Day 2016

Truelogic's Health and Wellness Day 2016

Sitting in front of a computer throughout the day is a common picture in the corporate world. The Truelogic family is familiar with this scene. The difference is we don’t let that kind of setting dominate us—we change the pace to make our workplace fun and conducive to the wellbeing of every employee.

Last April 29, Truelogic once again held a Health and Wellness Day in its very home at Penthouse 2, JAKA Building. Everyone enjoyed the activities and booths from our lifestyle partners, showing that work doesn’t mean forgetting about one’s wellbeing.

Starting the Day Right!

Our Health and Wellness Day began with our lifestyle partners setting up their booths in the hallway. Employees from all departments flocked to each booth throughout the day, breaking away from the usual routine at work.

Fitness consultants from Slimmers World provided free consultation on BMI, Waist Circumference, and BF Analysis, Figure and Skin Analysis, and free Diamond Peel. They are also offering membership sign-ups for those who are interested in getting into shape—especially now that everyone is raving about that perfect summer body.

Aching backs and stiff shoulders are the woes of every hardworking employee, but Truelogic took away those pains with free massage service from White Flower. They also had a range of therapeutic products, including ointments, balms, and electro thermal water bags, providing the perfect combo for everyday pain relief.

Employees who want to find out if they have the right posture visited NY Theraspine’s booth for a free Postural Screening. Apart from their posture analysis, their booth provided employees free samples of Rocktape, Sombra, Thera brands, Backjoy, Vigel, and other products.

Got eye problems? Vision is a sense you shouldn’t compromise, no matter what line of work you are in. During the Health and Wellness Day, Truelogic employees were graced with a free eye check-up from JCT Optical.

Of course, you can’t just be healthy—you have to look the part. Famous cosmetics brand Mary Kay made an appearance with a range of beauty products, from lipsticks to liquid foundation.

A lot of freebies rained that day as employees received product samples from different health and wellness brands, including Simply Nature Organics, India Herbs Supplements, Organique Company (Sleepasil), MacroPharma (Circulan), Pascual Consumer (C-lium Fiber) and gift certificates from Metro Dental.

Wrapping It Up with Healthcare Knowledge and Fitness Demos

This month’s last town hall was extra special, wrapping up the day with positive feedback from clients and a warm greeting for April birthday celebrants. But, those are not the only things that made this town hall more fun.

Everyone was encouraged to come in their sports attire, and some went all out with their style. The Human Resources department gave away prizes for the best dressed employees of the day: Jacqui (Content), Rex, (Content), James (Content), Florian (Operations), and Kevin (Marketing).

A representative from Maxicare provided a presentation of HMO benefits, so Truelogic employees can maximize their healthcare coverage.

After the presentation, fitness experts from Urban Ashram and Slimmers World showed everyone how being healthy can be fun through a yoga demonstration and Aero-G performance.

How do you end a day of health and wellness? BY BINGING ON FOOD! Kidding aside, our company had a delicious buffet to cap off the day—but hey, there were fruits for dessert!

At Truelogic, we see employees as an asset—everyone’s wellbeing is equally important as the relationships and accomplishments they bring to our company.

Be part of the team that inspires everyone to love work, build strong connections, and live healthy. Visit our Career Page and get a glimpse of the opportunities waiting for you at our company!

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