Five Common SEO Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make and How to Fix Them

All businesses can benefit from SEO, but only if they do it correctly. Many entrepreneurs jump into SEO too hastily without fully understanding its key aspects.

We’ve talked to many business owners and digital marketers whose SEO efforts could have been better had they been better informed. Let’s talk about the common mistakes we’ve seen entrepreneurs make when it comes to SEO, and what I believe they can do to fix them.

Thinking SEO is Only Done on Their Own Websites

Many entrepreneurs think that SEO only involves optimizing the title tags, meta descriptions, keywords and other elements on their own websites. While it is true that on-page optimization plays a big role in making a website more visible on SERPs, it’s only one part of SEO as a whole. A truly successful campaign combines on-page optimization with offline efforts such as content publication and curation, social media management, and citation building.

Relying on Quick and Cheap Solutions

You’ve probably heard a lot about professional SEO solutions that improve your rankings at unbelievably fast rates for extremely low prices. Quick fixes never work in the long run, and you’ll often get what you pay for with cheap SEO services. Look for complete SEO solutions that adhere to Google’s guidelines and will keep your website ranking no matter how often search algorithms change.

Believing Link Building is about How Many Links You Build

Penguin 2.1 changed the way link building needs to be done. Link building is no longer about how many links you have, but how many quality links you have. If you’ve already built hundreds of links in your previous SEO efforts, some of those links might be hurting your rankings today. Many entrepreneurs need to audit their link profiles and update their link building methodology to focus on building quality links.

Prioritizing Keyword Optimization over Content Development

Some business owners still insist on focusing on the keyword insertions in their content instead of improving the quality of the actual content. Google has increasingly been improving its algorithm to mimic human behavior, and just inserting keywords a specific number of times into your content won’t help you rank. Diversify your keywords and focus on developing and producing high quality content that your target market will find useful.

Not Putting Enough Effort into Social Media

Comic strip related to social media, created by Tom Fishburne

Many businesses have social media pages and accounts but often neglect them or have no idea how to use them properly. Every business needs a good social media strategy to engage their customers better, reach out to a wider audience, promote events and new products, or even improve site traffic and sales. One of our previous blog posts explains the benefits of social media marketing in full detail.

Understanding SEO better and working with a company that knows what they’re doing can help you avoid these common mistakes. If you need help getting your SEO campaign on the right track, contact us today.

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