Four Copywriting Rules for Better Sales

If your sales aren’t doing as well as you expected them to, you might want to take another look at your copy. No matter how much effort
you put into your copy, it simply won’t sell your products or services if it doesn’t move your readers to action. We make sure our SEO copywriting services produce the results you need by following these four essential copywriting rules.


“Keep it simple, stupid” is one of the basic rules of writing copy. Don’t confuse your readers with complicated sentences and technical jargon. Use simpler words, and ruthlessly edit out fluff words like “very”, “really”, and “definitely” to deliver your message quickly and effectively.

80-20 Rule

In an actual face to face conversation, you’re likely to be turned off by someone who does nothing but talk about himself and his accomplishments. The same principle applies to writing copy – you won’t get your readers to buy your products if you keep talking about yourself all the time. Only 20% of your copy should be written in first person – the rest should be in second person. This engages your readers and answers the one question they all ask themselves while visiting your site: “What’s in it for me?”

Sell the Benefits

Emphasizing the benefits of a product is always the best way to get people to buy it, but many writers confuse benefits with results or features. A common tip copywriters often hear is “don’t sell the drill, sell the hole.” Copywriter Amy Harrison says that this isn’t good advice, and provides a simple explanation why:

  • The ability to bore holes through different types of wood is a feature of the drill.
  • The holes the drill produces are a result of that feature.
  • The ability to decorate your house easily is the benefit of buying the drill.

Red Pen Rule

Never forget the importance of proofreading and editing when writing copy. When you finish writing, take a short break, then go back to review what you wrote. Do this every time you write copy, and not just when you’re feeling unconfident about your work or rushing to meet deadlines. This helps you make sure that your copy is clean, tight, and effective.

Talk to us if you want to make sure your copy sells your products and puts your brand in the spotlight.

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