Four Factors that May Cause Google Authorship Problems

Google Authorship is an important aspect of online marketing that no SEO service provider should miss. When properly integrated, Google Authorship displays authors’ names, photos, and the number of Google+ Circles they’ve been added in.

 Google Authorship rich snippet examples

Google results with authorship snippets often have better click-through rates, more page views, and build up a brand or individual’s online reputation. Getting your authorship set up is as simple as verifying your email or linking your Google+ profile to your content and applying the right mark-ups to your website. If your authorship isn’t showing up on Google’s SERPs, there may be some other factors affecting it.

Mismatched Names

The name that appears in your blog’s author byline should match the name you use on your Google+ profile. If you have multiple nicknames, just use one and stick with it – you can always include your other names in your author bio or your Google+ profile’s “Other names” field.

An example of using the same name across different profiles

Clayton uses the same name across all his posts and profiles.

Your Profile Picture Isn’t Good Enough

Your Google+ profile photo needs to be recognizable and clear. Marketing Director Greg Finn of Cypress North mentions that you should avoid using profile photos that:

• Don’t show your entire face (whether through bad cropping or because you’re wearing sunglasses or a hat)
• Show more than one person
• Are heavily filtered
• Are too small
• Aren’t photos of you at all
• Are obscene

Unsearchable Profiles

Your Google+ profile should be visible in search. All Google+ profiles are searchable by default, but you can view your settings by visiting while logged in, and finding the “Help others discover my profile in search results” option.

The “Help others discover my profile in search results “ option on Google+

This option should be marked with a check if you want your Google+ profile to be visible in search.

Missing or Problematic On-Page Markups

Your article should indicate who the author is using the rel=”author” tag in your author links. These links should lead to your Google+ profile.

Add these tags to your author links if you don’t have them yet. If they’re already implemented and the author’s information still doesn’t appear in search, check if they’ve been implemented properly.

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