Four Steps to Make Your Marketing Review Sessions More Productive

A good marketing agency knows how important it is to review their campaigns regularly. No matter how effective your current marketing efforts are, there’s always room for further improvement. Regular assessment and constant monitoring will help you determine what else you can do to make your marketing better.

A typical review process should include the following steps:

  1. Review the initial goal of your campaign
  2. Evaluate key metrics to see what worked and what didn’t
  3. Assess the campaign’s performance on individual, separate platform
  4. Assess the campaign’s overall performance as an integrated effort

Here are a few more guidelines that can help you while reviewing and discussing your marketing campaign.

Consider the Timing and Results for Each Stage of Your Campaign

You shouldn’t expect your marketing campaign to provide instant results. Having a clear understanding of when you can expect a certain result helps you keep better track of your progress. Start off your discussions with “What should the results look like at this stage?” to get everyone’s expectations on the right track.

Focus on the Outcome, Not the Person Responsible

Don’t hide behind the words “Don’t take this personally…” when discussing a campaign’s weak points, especially when it comes to the creative aspect of it. The better approach would be to focus on the results instead of finding who to blame. Don’t waste your time pointing fingers. Identify the areas where the campaign had traction and where it didn’t, then focus on finding solutions.

Don’t Shoot Ideas Down Just Because They’ve Been Tried Before

It’s easy to shoot down a suggestion just because you’ve already tried it (or some variant of it) before. Don’t be so quick to pull the trigger on old ideas. Listen to the suggestion and go back and forth with your team on why it didn’t work before, and see if there’s a way to modify it to make it more effective.

When in Doubt, Innovate

When you’ve been relying on a particular approach for a long time and get stumped when it no longer works, innovation is usually the best solution. You might be afraid to deviate from your usual approach, but that’s why you need to have more productive discussions with your marketing team. Sometimes it’s better to risk running a new, untested idea than to watch your campaign stagnate.

Open Innovation comic by Tom Fishburne
(Comic by Tom Fishburne)

We review and evaluate our digital marketing campaigns’ performance at the end of each month to make sure everything is on track and that we’re providing the results our clients expect. Talk to us today to learn more about our approaches to online marketing and SEO.

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