Google Announces Upgraded URLs for Easier URL Management

Google announced the introduction of new features that companies can use to make URL tracking faster and easier. The upgraded URLs aim to make URL management easier, as it lets people manage and track important information about each click on their AdWords ads.

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, ads still make up a majority of Google’s revenues, 89% in 2014 to be exact. Many companies pay the Internet giant to advertise with AdWords, making these new features worth looking at.

Faster, Easier URL Tracking

For advertisers, this means less time will be needed in managing URL tracking updates and website crawl and loading times will be reduced. It also offers new ValueTrack parameters that help advertisers gain more insights about their ads.

“With destination URLs, anytime you need to adjust tracking, you have to update the entire destination URL,” Leo Sei, Google AdWords product manager, said in a blog post announcing the updates. “This triggers a re-review of your entire destination URL and your ads stop running while your URL is re-reviewed — causing you to lose time and potential new business.”

The upgraded URLs aim to do away with these.

The upgrades will be rolling out to all advertisers starting the week of February 9, 2015. All advertisers who use tracking in their URLs are encouraged to move to the new system by July 1, 2015 so their URLs will start updating to the new structure.

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