Google Appoints Susan Wojcicki New YouTube CEO

Susan Wojcicki is the new boss at YouTube, taking over after Salar Kamangar’s departure. Kamangar, who has been in charge of Google since co-founder Chad Hurley left in 2010, is reportedly staying with Google, but is expected to be taking on a different role.

Rumors of Kamangar’s departure have been spreading since last year, with most people expecting YouTube’s VP of Product, Shishir Mehrotra, to take his place.

A photo of Susa Wojcicki, taken by Jeremy Goldberg for AdWeek
Photo from AdWeek, taken by Jeremy Goldberg

Wojcicki is one of Google’s first 20 employees, who is also known for housing the company out of her own garage in Menlo Park, California. AdWeek’s Tim Peterson also called her “the most important person in advertising” and “the most powerful woman at Google” in a February 2013 article. Wojcicki shared her former title of SVP, Ads & Commerce with Sridhar Ramaswamy, who is now taking over as sole SVP.

She recently confirmed her transfer to YouTube on Twitter:

It’s still unclear what this move means for YouTube, but it could be related to the popular social sharing website’s attempts to improve the opportunities it offers to programmers and advertisers. This is also a good time for YouTube to improve its revenue-generating efforts, especially with the rise of mobile video content marketing and mobile video advertising.

Google has never given any official reports or statements on YouTube’s profits and finances, but eMarketer estimates that the site generated about $5.6 billion in ad revenue last year. More than a billion users visit YouTube each month, with more than 40% using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.


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