Google Releases Publisher Plugin for WordPress

WordPress users often rely on different plugins to get the most out of the Google products that they use. Some use multiple plugins for different functions, such as inserting AdSense code into a template or for Webmaster Tools verification. The recent launch of the Google Publisher plugin may just make life easier for these WordPress users.

Google Publisher WordPress plugin banner

AdSense Ad Placement Made Easier

There are several third-party plugins that allow you to edit your blog templates and insert AdSense code into them, but they usually require you to use widget areas to house your ads. The Publisher plugin does not rely on widgets for ad placements, and allows you to choose the most ideal location for your ads. You don’t even need to modify any HTML code – just click on the area you want your ads to appear in, and the plugin will handle the rest.

Google Publisher WordPress plugin AdSense features

Screenshots of the Google Publisher plugin’s AdSense features (from

Simple Webmaster Tools Verification

Website verification on Google Webmaster Tools requires users to upload an HTML file to their site, or to add a line of meta code into their site’s template. The Publisher plugin makes things easier by providing a one-click verification feature for Webmaster Tools.

Michael Smith, a Product Manager at Google, reminds users that the plugin is still in its beta phase, and that they are “still fine-tuning the plugin to make sure it works well on the many WordPress sites out there”. They encourage users to try Google Publisher and share their feedback. The plugin is currently available for download at the plugin directory.

As Google continues to modify this new plugin, things could become more interesting for any online marketing company or business that includes Google Display Advertising in their digital campaign. The easier it is to set up and install AdSense, the more bloggers and website owners will use it. This gives a brand’s ads more chances to appear on different websites. Contact us if you’re interested in Google Display Advertising or PPC.

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