Google Will Switch to New Website Verification API in 2014

Here’s something that webmasters and website owners should know: Just before Christmas, John Mueller announced on the official Google Webmaster Central blog that they will be retiring the old website verification API method at the start of the year.

According to Mueller’s post, they will retire the old verification API method on the 31st of March this coming year. The new website verification API will not affect the rest of the API and the verification method itself. The good thing about the new method is it uses the same client libraries as most of the Google APIs you’re already using, which cuts integration time with other apps significantly.

Getting Started

Setting up should be easy if you or your webmaster already uses other Google APIs. The process involves four steps:

  1. Download the Google API client library for your preferred programming language, or the language your site is using.
  2. Learn about the Site Verification API and its methods on the Google Developers’ site.
  3. Allow your users to verify / authenticate using OAuth.
  4. Start verifying and you’re done!

Mueller also provided a more detailed shortcut for those who want to try it out immediately. Check out the screen cap below for the instructions:

Command line instructions to test the new verification API method

What this Means for You

API for website verification was introduced just over a year ago. Its aim was to verify that those who sign up as owners of websites are the true owners of these websites. Verified website owners will be able to access some Google services that are exclusively available to website owners, such as Google Webmaster Tools. As you know, this tool – and other tools by Google – provides important information about your website that can boost your online marketing campaigns.

Make sure your website is ready for this switch and that you’ve implemented the new verification API method on your website by the start of 2014. Talk to us today to set it up and continue using Google’s tools for your online marketing campaign.

Set Up the New Verification API Now



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