Health, Fitness, Safety, and Nutrition: A Day of Health & Wellness at TrueLogic

There were no shortage of freebies, massage sessions, and happy faces at Penthouse 2, JAKA building last April 30, as the TrueLogic family celebrated A Day of Health & Wellness—an event filled with health booths, fitness demos, and nutrition seminars.

Health & Wellness Fair
TheraCare booth-2


Health and Wellness Fair

TrueLogic collaborated with some of the most well known names in the fields of health, fitness, safety, and nutrition for a health and wellness fair. From 10 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon, employees from the Content, Admin, Finance, IT, and Ops Department flooded the hallway as they visited booths from Maxicare, Fitness First, Gold’s Gym, Urban Ashram Manila, Omron, and many more.

Some TL employees approached the TheraCare booth with aching backs and joints and walked away feeling more relieved than ever, thanks to the free trial with TheraCare’s hot and cold packs. Beside their table is the White Flower booth, where we found a range of therapeutic products, including massage oils, pain reliever creams, and electro thermal water bags–just perfect for some of us who experience everyday body pains.

TheraCare booth

Everybody lined up for free high fiber wheat bread at the Gardenia booth. We also enjoyed huge discounts on some of their products, including their White Bread, Slim N Fit Wheaten Bread, and Black Forest Loaf.

Gardenia booth

TrueLogic employees also lined up for a one on one consultation with a healthcare professional at the Omron booth. Using an Omron automatic BP monitor, many took the opportunity to have their blood pressure and glucose levels checked for free.

Omron booth

Whether it’s massage oil, sunscreen, underarm whitening cream, argan oil, or air revitalizer, Simply Nature Organics had all the health, beauty, and personal care products we need. We were even given the option to purchase the products through salary deduction. (Yes–no need to go downstairs and queue up at the ATM machine!)

Simply Nature Organics booth

Good vision is a precious gift—and a daily necessity for all, especially for us TrueLogic employees. At the health fair, two-eyed and (soon-to-be) four-eyed peeps alike enjoyed the free eye checkup and free multi-coated lens provided by Four Eyes.

Four Eyes booth

Fitness First and Gold’s Gym provided employees with a free nutrition assessment and a free BMI and body fat checkup. Some of us who went below or beyond the healthy BMI range signed up for gym memberships as well.

BMI and body fat checkup from Fitness First

Gold’s Gym booth


Free Massage Service

Massage therapists, courtesy of White Flower, also went around to give us free massage service. The stiffness, headaches, and stress dissolved as we all melted into a state of relaxation with the skillful hands of the masseuses.

Free Massage Service

Free Massage Service - 2

To add to the wonderful spa-like experience, some of us also indulged in an ear candling session.

ear candling session


Townhall + Nutrition Talk + Yoga and Body Combat Demo

We had our usual weekly town hall an hour earlier than usual—because this time it was even more special. We received a handful of positive feedback from clients and fellow TrueLogic employees. We also sang “Happy Birthday” to the April celebrants—including our content manager, MJ Navida, and our general manager, Bernard San Juan.


The session was followed by a nutrition talk by Gold’s Gym’s very own Christina Marasigan. We learned that the easiest way to cut down on calories is to cut down on fried food and fast food, that the sweets we consume should only be about six spoons per day, and many many more.

Nutrition Talk

Right after the talk, everyone participated in a relaxing yoga demo by Urban Ashram, followed by a heart-racing body combat demo by Fitness First.

Yoga demo

Body Combat demo

Body Combat Demo - 2

And, of course, we ended the day the best way possible—by enjoying a delicious buffet dinner.

At our company, working hard and being healthy aren’t mutually exclusive. From health and wellness programs to the occasional happy hours, TrueLogic is committed to helping employees stay happy–and healthy.

Join the team that puts your health first. Visit our career page to learn more about the opportunities that await you at TrueLogic.

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