ZipMatch Planning to Expand Marketplace after Receiving Funding

ZipMatch's homepage/portal

ZipMatch, an online Philippine real estate marketplace, received funding from local and global investors, including IMJ Fenox, 500 Startups, Ideaspace Foundation, and Hatchd Digital.

General Manager of IMJ Fenox, Koichi Saito, called ZipMatch “the only online real estate marketplace in the Philippines,” and that it “is operating in an extremely alluring and growing space.” Real estate really is a booming industry in the country, with about 154,000 condominium units expected to be completed between 2012 and 2016.

The ZipMatch real estate portal offers users simple solutions to their real estate needs, from the latest industry news to property listings. Their partnerships with banks and real estate associations also provide a smoother home-buying process and experience. Their partnership with BPI Family Savings Bank, in particular, will make it easier for would-be homeowners to make the right financial decisions when buying their new home.

Co-founder John Dang said they created ZipMatch to address the need for a comprehensive real estate listing service in the Philippines. “There are no comprehensive multiple listing services (MLS) in the Philippine real estate industry,” he said. “With ZipMatch, we’re trying to create a set of solutions that can apply to the Philippine home-buying experience and help brokers, sellers, and buyers as well.”

Listings based on a custom search using ZipMatch

ZipMatch allows property buyers to choose from a curated list of properties that they can filter according to cost, property type, and location. Tech in Asia reports that they averaged 1000 buyer and renter inquiries per month as of February 2014. ZipMatch has built over 100 microsites for real estate developers, and has about 3000 approved real estate listings. The ZipMatch team is wholly committed to ensuring the quality of their listings, and Dang notes that they had to reject about 1500 listings due to lack of information and high-quality images.

With different sectors and industries seeing good growth at the start of 2014, we can expect to see more innovative businesses achieving success and earning the trust of global and local investors throughout the year.

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