Movie Night 2017: TrueLogic Suits Up and Assembles for Justice League

The TrueLogic family understands the power of teamwork that allows us to carry out any task and deliver exceptional results together.

Our annual movie night rightfully celebrates the spirit of teamwork with the film viewing of “Justice League” last November 17, which ended a long, productive week for the TrueLogic team. Different departments sauntered to the Greenbelt 3 cinema, sharing snacks and excitement in seeing their favorite heroes.

Fun Outside the Office Walls

The movie night gave the TrueLogic family a chance to bond outside the office setting. Adding to the hype and everyone’s excitement, some employees wore their preferred superhero colors, fitting of a team that knows how to have fun.

Justice League was the perfect movie for the team to geek out. We discussed our theories and expectations before the film started. We asked one another who among the heroes we are looking forward to seeing, and wondered what possible surprises might await us.

Birds of Different Feathers Can Flock Together

The heroes of Justice League had to work through their clashing personalities and differences, and when they did, they became a force to reckon with. Just like the League, the TrueLogic family consists of people with different personalities and skillsets: business-savvy professionals like Batman, compassionate yet fierce content creators like Wonder Woman, analytical and techy creatives like Cyborg, levelheaded and nurturing managers like Aquaman, and enthusiastic and fun-loving specialists like Flash.

Rooms and walls may separate us, but when duty calls, we assemble and listen to each other’s ideas and opinions, and turn them into excellent results that only an outstanding team can achieve. People from different departments extended the movie night excitement by posting their photos on Facebook and Instagram over the weekend with the special hashtag #YouCantSavetheWorldAlone.

It Ended with a Bang

After the movie, we asked random people from the TrueLogic family to share their thoughts about the film. Most of our colleagues loved it and were unable to contain their toothy smiles. Some gave the movie seven out of ten stars, while others talked about the Easter egg surprises at the end of the credits.

One of the takeaways from the movie, which our very own Keith Rosales excellently stated was, “We need to step out of the shadows, then we can realize our potential.”

We cannot wait for next year’s movie night, especially with the movies lined up for 2018. But before that, the TrueLogic team has one more important thing to look forward to — the year-end party! We hope to see you there in the best version of yourself!

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