#OneForTrueLogic: A Joyous, Caring Day at CRIBS Foundation

“Ah-ah, aso / Buh-buh, bola / Kuh-kuh, Kaktus…”, lyrics from the kid’s favorite “Alpabasa” played on endless loop on March 4th. That Saturday afternoon, a team of volunteers from TrueLogic Online Solutions visited the CRIBS Foundation, a non-profit organization that takes in orphaned infants and young survivors of abuse.

TLOS Employees as volunteers

The activity was the first in line for #OneForTrueLogic, TrueLogic’s continuing drive to reach out and touch lives under its corporate social responsibility program.

The day was marked by ear-to-ear smiles and warmth. For the toddlers at CRIBS, the volunteers prepared a kiddie party. Origami boats sailed across the playroom while paper cranes dangled above the shindig.

Origami boats all around the playroom

Mai Porras from the Content team led the event, dolled up as fairy, which was welcomed by a fit of giggles if not wonder. To introduce themselves, the bunch played “The Boat is Sinking”. In between regroups, the ates and kuyas introduced themselves to the kids.

Social media specialist, Shawynn Morales, captivated the toddlers in the title role of Ang Pambihirang Sombrero ni Mia (Mia’s Incredible Hat), a tale of a young girl that ends in a flight amongst the clouds. Inspired by the story, the toddlers put paint and vegetable stamps to good use. Jayson (not his real name), the eldest in the group, wrote his name in bold bright colors earning him a spot-on CRIB’s Art Wall.

Time for entertaining the kids

Volunteers Leo Lutero, Pao Durias, and Maroi Santos quickly found delight in being older siblings for the happy kids. CJ Ang, Donna Leyran, and Aviana Baladad had their share of the fun, playing their own games with the young ones after the art activity.

Showing talent through art

Riel Reyes entertained curious kids with his photography. Time flew fast and before everyone knew it, it was merienda time for the kids. The toddlers were treated to what their caretakers reveal as their favorite: healthy noodles and spring rolls prepared by the volunteers.

After the meal, the party ended with the toddler receiving gifts of crayons, coloring books, and puzzles.

Playing with the tots

On the other side of the room were the crawlers, infants as young six months old. It was playtime for them and the TrueLogic crew. Volunteers Kristra Recta, Sam Pingol, Patricia Mapili, Marc Bartolome, and Coey Punsalan all helped in assisting the adorable infants in play led by their caregivers. It was a blast feeding the bouncy tots their afternoon meal.

The kids love TLOS employees

Soon it was time to say goodbye. Amongst the consumables (diapers, milk, food) that TrueLogic donated to CRIBS was a beat box for their music therapy classes. Upon opening our simple gift, CRIBS’ ward of young women, all survivors of abuse, serenaded the team with a lovely song and a simple message: “Salamat”.


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