Digital Footprints of Pope Francis’ Visit to the Philippines

The past week has been quite an experience. Seeing unity of the Filipino people as they gather in celebration of the long awaited papal visit. Now what does that look like digitally, you might ask? Let’s take a look at some stats of Pope Francis’ visit to the Philippines:

pope tweets

With an estimated 6 million people who visited the Luneta mass on Sunday, it just shows that these numbers could be a lot more than what they are showing for these three hashtags that we monitored. That estimate is equivalent to more than the Pope’s twitter followers which I find to be quite amazing. Because of this massive gathering, cell service and data slowed down, traffic in most areas disappeared and most establishments were closed.

pope twitter

In the marketing world, having ideas, content, mentions and traffic to blog posts is a metric that we tend to look at more than anything else. It gives us a good idea of the reach, engagement and sentiments of our audience which brings us even more insight.

With that, comes social shares that indicate a positive outcome on your campaign. Let’s see some more social signals that were gained: with ultra coverage of the Papal visit was a winner with an increase in page likes by 5% over the past 4 days, now putting them at a total of 1,158,672 page likes. That’s 57,646 new page likes!

rappler facebook likes


Google Trends

So that leaves us with the search engine giant—Google. Looking at the trends the past few days, we’ve seen breakouts for topics relevant to the pope. Comparing this data to that of the “Royal Wedding” of local celebrities Ding Dong and Marian, our President Benigno Aquino and as well as typhoon Ruby– The Pope was a more searchable than the others that we measured. Surprised?



Knowing what to cover and keeping it fresh can definitely boost your traffic and exposure to your audience through social shares and search. You might not replicate some of the results we showed but an increase in likes, visibility and engagement can definitely be expected.

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