Racing With Winners: The TrueLogic Experience

Tomorrow, we will welcome a new batch of on-the-job (OJT) trainees from different universities.

They’ll probably walk with anticipation as they meet new faces, their eyes will feast on the vibrancy of the atmosphere, they will find their spot, start occupying spaces, and move in an environment away from their comfort zones.

As they will discover in the coming days, this is no ordinary office. Mediocrity doesn’t reside in these four walls. They will do more than just hands-on trainings, finish new tasks, and acquire new skills.

Here, they will learn how to race with winners.

They’ll see pure passion in action the moment we start playing our individual roles. It’s when the phone starts ringing and account managers bring indescribable dynamism to a discussion between agency and client… it’s when writers and editors start typing ideas that stir conversations among a global audience and get brands talking… it’s when teams in Marketing and Operations converge to earn the trust and confidence of businesses around the world.

The colors and depth of visuals that scream out of our designers’ screens reflect the magnitude of their imagination. Seasoned webmasters and developers create outstanding functionalities to websites that add immense value to end-user experience. The steady stream of qualified applicants that populate our receiving area manifests the recruitment team’s aptitude to attract high potential talents.

We’re all winners – but we know that winning isn’t always easy. Excellence demands intense efforts and throws us to a lot of grueling challenges. In our pursuit of greatness, we too have endured climates where every element seems to move against us.

But regardless of odds, we’ve always believed that winning is a necessity and it has become a way of life for us. It fuels us to conquer greater challenges and surpass expectations. Winning brings out new strengths we never knew exist in us. It helps us go to our edge and push past it. It allows us to celebrate many individual feats and marvel in our collective achievements.

Tomorrow, we will welcome the new batch of OJTs. The office will look exactly like it is today. Our hallways will still be neat and the walls won’t have elaborate designs on them. A new batch of young blood will come and watch our competitive spirits outperform our best selves. We hope to inspire them.

The commitment to winning the race to self-improvement is a never-ending cycle. Here at TrueLogic, we never aim for a finish line – because there’s no such thing.

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