Digital Marketing Agencies Can Relax Now: Webmaster Tools Query Data is Returning to Normal

The recent problem with Google Webmaster Tools’ query data caused an uproar among search marketers and digital marketing companies. As we discussed in a previous blog post, many Webmaster Tools users observed that query data from September 23, 2013 onwards was missing. It was also observed that no data was copied from Webmaster Tools to linked Google Analytics accounts for an entire week.

Google also started implementing secure search across all queries on Monday, September 23. Secure searches withhold search data from publishers, and simply list keywords as “Not Provided” in Google Analytics. This made many SEOs and digital marketing agencies rely on Webmaster Tools for keyword data instead. The missing data prompted these users to voice out their concerns on their blogs and the official Google Webmaster Central forums.

In response to several forum threads and individual posts that pointed out the issue, European Webmaster Tools team member John Mueller posted to say that “The team is aware of the problem and is working on speeding that data back up again.”

The good news is it was just a bug. According to Search Engine Watch, a Google spokesperson said that they “recently fixed a small bug related to data reporting in Webmaster Tools,” and they “expect reporting to return to normal in the coming days.

Google Webmaster Tools now displays query data up to September 25, 2013

Screenshot courtesy of Search Engine Watch

Yesterday, no search data was available for September 23, 2013 onwards, but data is now available up to September 25, 2013.

Staying on top of changes and updates to search engine algorithms and online marketing tools is a crucial part of our responsibilities as digital marketers. Talk to us and keep checking our blog for the latest news and trends in search engine optimization, content marketing, paid search, and other important aspects of your digital marketing campaigns.

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Karen de Castro

Karen de Castro

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