An example of a Google +Post ad by Toyota

Google Brings Social Content to Display Network with +Posts

Google now allows brands to make their Google+ content visible to a larger audience with +Posts. This new paid advertising feature allows brands to publish their posts across Google’s Display Network to drive traffic back to their Google+ profile.

Making Ads More Social

+Posts don’t just display images and text. Google describes it as a “live, social ad format” that enables you to engage your audience through Hangouts on Air and comments. It also allows users to follow your brand and give you +1s straight from the ad.

An example of a Google +Post ad by Toyota

Gretchen Howard, Google’s director of global brand solutions, mentioned that +Post ads are a result of their efforts to make their products more social. “Over the past little over a year, we’ve been really thinking about how we build out sharing and recommendations into all of our ad products,” she said. “We thought the next logical thing would be for brand advertisers to have conversations within the ad.”

Toyota Test Drives +Posts

A few brands have already started using +Posts to promote their content. Toyota is one of the first brands to use the new feature, and Google used their feedback and testimonial in a promotional video:

Dylan Schwartz, Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi LA, describes the Corolla consumer as young, creative, and constantly connected. Authentic conversation on social channels is important to these consumers, and brands need to find effective ways to reach out to them. “When it came to the 2014 Corolla launch, we needed a unique approach if we really wanted to reach this consumer. Rather than to talk at them, we wanted to talk with them,” says Monica Peterson, Director of Social Media for Toyota USA. “+Posts ads increase the level of conversation online and reach those consumers wherever they are.”

+Posts are currently in beta phase for a few AdWords advertisers, but you can let them know you’re interested in using the feature by filling out this form.

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