A photo of Wall-E in front of a keyboard by Arthur Caranta

Google Patent Describes a System that Generates Personalized Social Media Messages

Google recently patented a system that that generates automated suggestions for reactions or messages to be posted on social media. The patent’s applicant and inventor is Ashish Bastia, representing Google Inc.

The software analyzes the messages a user posts or shares via e-mail, SMS, microblogging, social networks, and other systems, and offers personalized suggestions based on its findings. The system will not automatically use these suggestions in responses or messages; users can review the suggestion before deciding whether to reject, modify, or approve it. The system will take note of the action chosen and will adjust its future suggestions accordingly.

The user interface will also display other information about the original message the user wants to respond to, including other users’ responses.

A photo of Wall-E in front of a keyboard by Arthur Caranta

Some have been calling Google’s new software patent a “bot”, but it seems to be smarter than that. (Photo by Arthur Caranta)

The background section of the patent provides more insight into the creation of this software, “It is often difficult for users to keep up with and reply to all the messages they are receiving,” the patent states. “Therefore, it is important for user to keep to most critical message based on their interests and more importantly, based on how other users reacted to that message.” It also cites three specific problems that the system aims to solve:

  • “Existing techniques do not adequately address the amount of information produced in social networks, the increased number of contacts, and the number items that require reply or messages.”
  • Using existing calendar programs as an example: “There is no additional information or context. Furthermore, no message or reply is generated.”
  • “…such systems are not able to respond to dynamic events and can only handle events where the date and time are known beforehand.”

Many social marketers and bloggers are already dismissing this system as something that “takes the social out of social”, but this could end up being a useful digital marketing tool, especially if you have multiple active social media accounts to manage.

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