Strengthening Your Marketing Strategy by Tearing Down Silo Structures

Tearing down silos and other walls hindering you from creating a unified and integrated marketing strategy is now necessary in this multi-platform and multi-screen marketing world. Before, you had the choice to compartmentalize your marketing strategies because you had a different audience for each platform. Today, your marketing campaign needs to be fluid and consistent throughout all channels because your target audience is a multi-screen user. The way to begin that is to break down the silos within your system.

This study shows that many companies don’t understand the importance of integrating their campaigns and focusing on data-driven marketing.
This study shows that many companies don’t understand the importance of integrating their campaigns and focusing on data-driven marketing.

Let me walk you through the way we break down these silos and practice marketing integration with our clients:

Integrate from the Planning Stages

The main problem with breaking down silos is one of two things:

  • You are trying to tie in existing marketing campaigns started differently, and by different departments of your business; or
  • You are working with multiple marketing consulting firms for each type of campaign that you have.

Adjusting existing strategies to accommodate new ones can be tricky, especially in cases where what works for one platform may not work on another. You need to start integration from the planning stages and consider all aspects of your marketing campaign. We will align definitions, roles, expected impact of each element on other elements of your campaign, and expected returns. Doing this at the beginning and setting shared goals makes the integrated marketing process more streamlined and less difficult.

Cascade Information and Require Active Participation

Another problem I’ve noticed our clients have when trying to break down silos is relaying information to the people involved. Having members of your company actively participate in your efforts, whether it’s a social media campaign, a content marketing strategy, or other online marketing projects, will help facilitate the proper exchange of information. It also opens communication lines, allowing all members of your organization to contribute ideas for your integrated marketing campaign and give you feedback that you can cross-reference with our results. You can use this information to help refine your strategy.

Be Transparent with the Process

Setting the goals at the beginning of your marketing campaign helps both your people and ours focused. We maintain this focus and clarity by being transparent with the process. We keep you regularly updated on our deliverables, and in turn, if you have any information that can help your strategy – for example, a piece of publication that can be used for content marketing – we’d like to know.

One of the most important partnerships where we require transparency is between your sales department and our marketing team. Knowing and tracking your sales lets us cross-reference which of our marketing strategies worked, and which ones need tweaking.

Report Results to All Involved Entities

Proving the effectiveness of your marketing strategy to other departments of your business can help you funnel resources to more productive channels. It can also help encourage participation from more people in your company. Make sure to report the results of your marketing campaign to the relevant people in sales, finance, and other departments down your business pipeline. We provide a comprehensive and easily understandable report that you can present to your in-house team for reference.

Tearing down the silos in your organization in a systematic way helps you gain from the benefits of data-driven marketing. We’d be glad to discuss how you can do this in your company. Talk to us today to get started on integrated internet marketing consulting.

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