#SweatEatOut2016: Chillin’ the Truelogic Way

On July 2 and 3, TrueLogic family took the party to the picturesque Crystal Beach Resort in Zambales to celebrate the company event: #SweatEatOut2016.

As in the tradition of annual company outings, the event was filled with great food, tough yet diverting challenges, and hard partying — all in the name of fun, team spirit, and bonding.

Team TLOS Arrives

Welcome - TrueLogic
A warm welcome to Team TrueLogic

The team received a warm welcome with fresh coconut juice from the Crystal Beach Resort staff. Our General Manager, Bernard, delivered the opening remarks marking the start of a memorable weekend.

“There are 120 other awesome people in TrueLogic, apart from the two of us (referring to himself and our CEO, Itamar),” he reminded everyone. “Use this event to talk to them and get to know them.”

And get to know each other, we did. We were grouped into smaller teams, with members from different departments for the afternoon games. The groups were named according to colors: Yellow, Blue, Orange, and Green.

We had a blast breaking the ice and sharing trivias with one another. Each team then proceeded to create group names and battle cries and come up with our own winning strategies. Team Yellow is Team ImpactGanern; Blue is Blue Steel; Green is Wild Cats; and Orange is Scaaaarf.

And the games begun!

Competing Teams

Competing Teams - TrueLogic
Top left: Team ImpactGanern; Top right: Team Scaaaarf; Bottom left: Team Wild Cats; Bottom right: Team Blue Steel

 One Colorful Fight

The first game for the afternoon was the Color Fight, where the groups were given colored powder and water balloons to attack the rival teams. The group which has the cleanest member at the end of the game wins.

Color Fight - TrueLogic
Colors make everything extra fun

Everyone was pumped up, throwing water balloons and colored powder, while trying to protect their teammates from the bright, but messy attacks. The game ended with everyone sporting a new look: powder-dyed shirts, ombré hair, and colorful faces!  

Capture the (Wet) Flag

After a short break, the four teams geared up for the second game, Capture the Flag. Blue and Yellow bandanas clashed in the field during the first round as members charged and scampered off to protect their territory and capture the opponent’s flag. The idle teams cheered on the sidelines as they anxiously waited for their turn to play.

Capture the Flag - TrueLogic
Work together to protect your own

A heavy downpour greeted the second round, but that did not stop the Orange and Green teams from finishing the match. After two intense rounds, the Green team was declared the winner.

Eating Our Hearts Out

Before and after the exciting games, we enjoyed scrumptious and hearty meals at the resort. We went around the tables to bond with people from other departments. For dinner, the cozy Casa Corazon was filled with laughter and great music!

Dinner - TrueLogic
Good food, good company

Dinner was even made extra special when some of our team members took the stage and performed well-loved hits.

Partying on the Beach

After dinner, the TLOS family headed to the beachfront to dance the night away. Drinks flowed freely and people waved their glow sticks and LED rings to DJ Arthur’s catchy EDM tracks.

Party night - TrueLogic
We make the night glow

Eden, the company’s unofficial bartender, concocted wicked drinks that had everyone asking for more! It truly was an unforgettable experience. It was a delight to see office introverts finally free up their shyness and sway to the beat. Priceless.

Early Morning Fun

Despite the hangover, some of us woke up early to enjoy the morning sun, walk along the shore, take selfies, swim or just bond some more with colleagues, while some boys sweat it out on the basketball court.  

Morning after - TrueLogic
The fun continues in the morning

Not a minute wasted at Crystal Beach Resort. If only we could stay there forever!

It is easy for us to judge one another, they say. But after a day and a half of playing and partying together, new friendships were formed, mere acquaintances have become new BFFs, and team members have gotten closer. We even found out that the geekiest persons in the office actually know how to party! How cool is that?

With the company core values achieved (Caring, Curiosity, Communication, Techy-ness, Proactive and Energy), we left Crystal Beach with smiles on our faces and happiness in our hearts.

Crystal Beach - TrueLogic
The perfect beach therapy for Team TrueLogic

As we got off the bus to head home and rest, we’re already looking forward to #SweatEatOut2017! And we want you to be part of it!

Check out our careers page to find out how!

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