The Characteristics of a TrueLogic Team Member

Growth is inevitable as new opportunities open their doors to us. This is why TrueLogic has been continuously seeking and welcoming new team members to become contributors to our dynamic system.

Finding a perfect personality match is important in keeping our progress consistent. I recently had the chance to talk to our HR officer, Ms. Eleonora Tecson, and ask her what the characteristics of a TrueLogic team member should be. Here are the top five characteristics you will find from every TrueLogic team member:

Passion for the Job

Each person in our company, from our CEO, Itamar Gero, to our managers and all the way down to our junior specialists, is passionate about the role each one has in our business. For us, what we do isn’t just another job – it’s our craft, our calling. As a part of TrueLogic, you should be genuinely interested in digital marketing and passionate about taking it to the next level. Each member of the TrueLogic team shares the love for the online marketing industry, and we share the desire to give our clients world-class services.

Strong Ethical Values

Our team members have a strong set of values that we live by, one of which is strong professional ethics. Having strong ethical values ensures your commitment to meeting deadlines and delivering only awesome work. It ensures you do not compromise yourself, your professional peers, and the company, even as you try to achieve your personal and professional goals. We want someone on our team who stands firmly by what you believe in, and whose own ethical values align with ours.


Where there is passion, there is ambition, because passion drives ambition. Our team members have big dreams, big ideas for our industry – and each of us is not afraid to make it happen. Ambition drives innovation, and this is why we are not afraid to be ambitious. We want the same kind of people in our team: those who are not afraid to aim high, and are willing to put in the hard work to achieve the impossible.

Creative Thinker

One of the most important characteristics our team shares is a knack for creative thinking. To innovate, you need to have an active and limitless imagination. We want people on our team who are not afraid to dream of the impossible, who can visualize and find creative solutions to make these impossible dreams reality. Out of our creativity, the most innovative ideas are born. This is very important in keeping all aspects of your work fresh – from the methodology, to the content we produce, to the way we interact with our clients.

Open to Accept New Challenges

Change is the only constant thing in this world. In the digital marketing industry, this fact is magnified many times over. You must be open to accept the new challenges posed by these changes. It’s not enough that our team members think fast – we have to act fast as well. Our team members must be prepared to adapt to change at a fast pace.

These characteristics have kept TrueLogic at the top of our game for the past two years. We’ve seen tremendous growth and we continue to grow because we have the knowledge and expertise, the experience, and a dynamic group of people working together to make the system run smoothly. If you think you have these characteristics, then contact us today and let’s discuss your future as a TrueLogic team member.

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