Three Good Reasons to Increase Your SEO and Digital Marketing Budget

It’s always tempting to look for the cheapest SEO services to save money, but low-cost band-aid SEO solutions are hardly effective in the long run. I’m not saying that spending more money on SEO and digital marketing will automatically provide better results, but you need to be aware that you might to invest a little more if you want solutions that really work.

Let’s talk about a few of the reasons you might need to spend more on SEO now or in the near future.

The SEO Landscape is Constantly Shifting

The SEO strategies that you may have gotten used to, such as article spinning, paid linking, and keyword-centric content marketing, are no longer effective today. With Google constantly implementing updates and constantly changing its algorithms to mimic human behavior and provide better user experience, you can’t keep relying on the same cheap SEO packages a random SEO provider offers via email. What you need are customizable, flexible solutions that adapt to the changing landscape and prevent your brand from suffering any penalties or other negative effects when the next algorithm update goes live.

If your website does receive any penalties for faulty SEO strategies, you’ll need to spend even more to recover your traffic and rankings or clean-up your bad link profile.

You Need to Invest in Better Content Marketing and Citation Building

You may have gotten away with spinning articles or rehashing an existing piece of content to suit your keywords in the past, but Google has become even stricter about content quality. Crafting high quality, valuable, and unique content takes a lot more effort than just writing keyword-optimized articles for mass publication. You need to invest in content writers, designers, and other industry experts who can raise your quality standards and consistently produce worthwhile content.

Continuing to pay for cheap link building methods will also get your website into trouble with Google. The best way to acquire high-quality backlinks is to produce content that compels readers to share it on social networks and earns citations from established online publications and industry leaders.

It’s Not Just About SEO Anymore

SEO used to be a more technical endeavor that involved steps like using a keyword a specific number of times in a single article. Today’s SEO has a lot more to do with public relations and marketing. You can no longer get away with focusing on SEO alone – you also need to invest in social media, local search, PPC ads, and other important aspects of digital marketing.

A whiteboard illustrating an integrated digital marketing and SEO strategy

Choosing updated and flexible digital marketing solutions might require you to increase your budget, but the results are well worth the extra cost. Talk to us to learn more about the different or request a free website audit.

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