Town Hall Recap: January 3, 2014

The TrueLogic family gathers for another town hall meeting

We started the year off with a bang during our first Town Hall meeting for 2014. We congratulated some of our top performers who received positive feedback from clients and project managers, announced the Content Department’s Rockstars for the month of December, had our monthly On-Time, Big Time raffle, and greeted the New Year with delicious japchae and lechon.

Positive Feedback and Shout-Outs

Business Development Manager Mark Dennis wanted to thank Jr. SEO Specialist Elzer for stepping up to fulfill one of our major clients’ requests quickly, and Team Grimlock for doing manual link clean-up for a client that resulted in a “drastic improvement” in their rankings.

One of our Project Managers, Carlo thanked one of our writers, Elyssa, for completing a rush task that helped him close a sale. He also relayed some great feedback from a client, who said that their own client “is very happy with the quality of all blogs and articles”. Good job, Content team!

Project Manager Angela praised SEO Team Bumblebee for their work on a specific campaign’s link building and keyword research.

Content Department Rankings

Our Content Department announced their top performers for the month of December:

Quality Rockstars:

  • 1st Place: Aileen
  • 2nd Place: Ysrael
  • 3rd Place: Billy
  • 4th Place: Rom-Jaye
  • 5th Place: Khryss

Quantity Rockstars:

  • 1st Place: Justin
  • 2nd Place: Billy
  • 3rd Place: Rom-Jaye
  • 4th Place: Bjorn
  • 5th Place: Khryss

And the overall rockstar for December 2013 is Rom-Jaye! Congratulations, everyone!

Top Attendance for December

Carla, our dayshift Shift Manager, also congratulated the teams with the highest staffing and attendance percentage for the December:


  • Team Marlon (On-Page)
  • Team Adrian (Videographers)
  • Team Skyfire (Webmasters)


  • Team Skyfire (Webmasters)
  • Team Jazz (SEO)
  • Team MJ (Content)

Keep up the good work, everyone!


We congratulated Erika (Jr. SEO Specialist), for working with us another year! Thank you for all your hard work and we hope to keep working you for more years to come!

Birthday Celebrants

Happy birthday to the following team members:

  • Messila (Jr. SEO Specialist) – January 1
  • Jojo (Web Designer) – January 5

On-Time, Big Time Raffle

We’re giving away these prizes to the lucky winners of the On-Time Big Time perfect attendance raffle for December:

  • First Prize: a Samsung T210 Galaxy Tab3 7.0 or a Sony Experia JST26i or an Apple iPod Nano (7th Gen)
  • Second Prize: a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 or Adidas Gift Certificates worth 5k or a pair of Senheiser Headphones
  • Third Prize: 6 Sodexo gift certificates worth 500 pesos

Congratulations to the winners!

  • First Prize: Christine (Motion Graphic Artist)
  • Second Prize: Raffy
  • Third Prize:
    • Keno (HR Recruitment)
    • Chrisee (Web Content Writer)
    • Samantha (Webmaster)
    • Joy (Web Content Writer)
    • Elyssa (Senior Writer)
    • Henry (Jr. SEO Specialist)



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