Town Hall Recap: January 30, 2014

We’ve reached the end of the first month of 2014, and our Town Hall meeting last week was very exciting. Our team celebrated positive feedback from clients, greeted the January birthday celebrants, and witnessed the launch of our new dashboard system. Join me in recapping the events from last week’s Town Hall.

Positive Feedback and Shout-Outs

We joined the Content Department in congratulating Ayra, our junior editor. She has been granted a scholarship at Meiji University in Tokyo, Japan for a Short-Term Language Program this February. Congratulations, Ayra!

One of our project managers, Carlo, relayed feedback from a client who wanted to note the work of our On-Page Team. According to the client, they were “very impressed with the on-page report… Great work!” Congratulations once again to the On-Page Team for another job well done!

Another project manager, Will, passed on praise from one of our clients who is happy with the work we’re doing overall. According to the client, their campaign is “showing great progress” and that they are “glad to be onboard!” Kudos to the entire TrueLogic team for a job well done, and keep up the good work!


As you already know, at the end of each month, we celebrate the birthdays of team members who turned a year older that month. This month, we greeted the following a happy birthday:

  • John Carlo (interim Webmaster) – Jan. 10
  • Jojo (Web Designer) – Jan. 5
  • Jeck (Sr. Web Designer) – Jan. 24
  • RJ (Project Manager) – Jan. 2
  • Dei (Jr. SEO Specialist) – Jan. 1
  • Jayson (Jr. Web Content Writer) – Jan. 15

NXT Gen Reseller Dashboard Launch

We were very excited to witness the launch of one of our brands’ new reseller dashboard. Itamar and Clayton announced the pending launch of’s next generation reseller dashboard last Thursday, and gave the TrueLogic team a sneak peek at the result of the entire company’s hard work. The new dashboard boasts more features, more information, and the world’s first on-page optimization system integrated into an SEO dashboard.

The new dashboard has been fully launched today to all of our clients. More information about it is available at We’d like to extend our gratitude and congratulations to the people directly involved in the creation of this new project management and reporting tool, especially our developers, who have spent months working on this new system and making sure it meets our standards of “Only Awesome.” Congratulations and hats off to you!

Jeck, Ariel, and Jonathan, members of the team that created the new reseller dashboard, wearing the NXT GEN shirts
Jeck, Ariel, and Jonathan, members of the team that created the new reseller dashboard, wearing the NXT GEN shirts

We’re glad to have had a great start this year, and we’re hoping you stick around as we continue to share with you the events during our Town Hall meetings and beyond. That’s it for last week – stay tuned for more updates!


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