Town Hall Recap: November 29, 2013

Our weekly Town Hall meetings are always something to look forward to, but the end-of-the-month editions are even more exciting as we celebrate our accomplishments throughout the past month and celebrate birthdays with delicious food and cake.

TrueLogic employees blowing out the candles on their birthday cake

Client Praise

It’s always great to hear words of praise from our clients. One of our business development managers, Mark Dennis, reported that a client gave us a short yet awesome piece of praise: “You Guys Rock”.

We proudly congratulated one of our writers, Joy, who will be graduating with honors on December 9, 2013, despite working full-time. Congratulations and good job! Two more writers, Aileen and Rom-Jaye, received praise for the quality of the content they produced for our clients. Keep it up, content rockstars!

Project Manager Angela relayed an even more fun piece of feedback from a foreign client, who liked the proposal Paolo, a member of our SMED Team, created. The client said that they “really liked the presentation,” and that we should let them know if we plan to provide our services in Greek language or any language other than English.


Congratulations to the following TrueLogic team members who made it through their probation periods and have joined us as regular employees:

  • Jonathan (Jr. PHP Developer)
  • Shiela (Motion Graphic Artist/Videographer)
  • Marjorie (Web Designer)


The following TrueLogic team members celebrated their anniversaries last week:

  • Grisel (Web Content Editor)
  • Mark (Internet Marketing Assistant)

Thank you for continuing to grow with us, and we’re looking to another great year with you!


TrueLogic’s November birthday cake

We gathered and greeted all our birthday celebrants for the month of November:

  • Justin (Web Content Writer) – 11/03
  • Gary (Project Manager) – 11/08
  • Enrique (Web Designer) – 11/09
  • Aileen (HR/Admin) – 11/11
  • Zhai (Operations Manager) – 11/13
  • Jem (Social Media Specialist) – 11/14
  • Erika (Jr. SEO Specialist) – 11/14
  • Henry (Jr. SEO Specialist) – 11/19
  • Deniz (Systems and IT Administrator) – 11/21
  • Paolo (Social Media Specialist) – 11/25
  • Cris-Justin (Jr. Project Manager) – 11/29

Save Our South Updates

As promised last week, we have donated a significant part of our Christmas Fund to the Philippine Red Cross. We have also used the cash our own team members provided to buy diapers, canned goods, and boxes of medicine for the Typhoon Haiyan survivors in Guian, Eastern Samar.

We will still be accepting cash and in-kind donations up to Friday, December 6, 2013.

Christmas Dinner Announcement

This year, we will be having a simple Christmas dinner on Friday, December 20, after 6pm. We are still finalizing the venue and organizing a company-wide Kris Kringle. The Kris Kringle mechanics and other details about the event will be announced by Thursday next week.

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