Town Hall Recap: October 25, 2013

Town Hall meeting that come right before a big holiday are always something special. Aside from congratulating the team for this week’s achievements and welcoming new faces, we announced and discussed our upcoming Halloween celebration and contests.

TrueLogic holding its weekly Town Hall meeting on Friday, October 25, 2013

Our CEO, Itamar (top right), led the Town Hall meeting last week. See more of our pictures by following us on Instagram!

Client Praise

The Content Team (led by MJ) received excellent praise from our clients who were “very happy” with the quality of their work and how quickly they managed to complete all the required content.

Birthday Celebrants

The following TrueLogic team members celebrated their birthdays last week:

  • Roznelette (SEO Specialist) – 10/23
  • Gerrick (Sr. PHP Developer) – 10/23
  • Hanna (Forum Writer) – 10/26
  • Atong (Admin Clerk) – 10/26

Happy birthday, everyone!


We congratulated a team member who has completed his probation period and officially joined us as a regularized employee:

  • JC (Associate Webmaster)

TrueLogic Anniversaries

We’re thrilled to keep working with the brightest and most talented professionals in the industry. We congratulated the following team members for celebrating their anniversaries this month:

  • Cesar (Jr. SEO Specialist)
  • Henry (Jr. SEO Specialist)
  • CJ (Project Manager Trainee)
  • Angela (Account Manager)
  • Mark (Jr. SEO Specialist)

It’s truly an honor to be part of our team members’ growth, and we hope to continue helping them achieve their career goals for years to come.

New Faces

We’re always happy to see new faces during Town Hall, and this week we welcomed one new addition to the team:

  • Romnick (PPC Specialist)

We’ve been welcoming new team members every week, and we hope to continue doing so as the company continues to grow and expand. Visit our Careers page to learn more about us and send in an application form!

The Working Dead

TrueLogic’s Halloween celebration banner

We’re all excited about our upcoming Halloween party and contests! Anyone who missed the announcement during Town Hall can check their emails for the announcements and guidelines, or read my previous post. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing everyone in costume on October 31!

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