Valentines at TrueLogic: Questions and Popsicle Sticks

Heart-shaped balloons, restaurant promos, chocolate boxes with special designs, and inflated flower prices could only mean one thing: Valentine’s Day. It’s a day for everyone to show their love and appreciation for others. Not one to fall behind, TrueLogic came up with activities that spanned two days.

Pop the Question

On the evening of February 14, 9:43 PM to be exact, employees received the first of ten questions for the Pop the Question quiz. The last question was sent on February 15, just a few hours before Town Hall. Everyone was encouraged to answer the questions that tested the employees’ knowledge of TrueLogic. With movie passes on the line, people from every department scrambled to be the first to answer correctly.

Winners were announced atTown Hall on the 15th. The Content Team took the lead with four members bagging the corresponding prize. The Sales Department also had more than one member on the roster of winners.

Here’s the complete list of Pop the Question Winners:

  • Andy, Content
  • Jill, Sales
  • Arel, OPS
  • Anica, Finance
  • Joshua, Motion Graphics
  • RK, R&D
  • Daphne, Content
  • Miguel, Sales
  • Katrina Tankeh, Content
  • Micah, Content

Link Building Activity

In between announcing Pop the Question winners, a link building activity also took place. Everyone was divided into groups and the groups were tasked with creatinga structure that best-represented TrueLogic’s core values. To make things a tad challenging, each team could only flesh out their ideas with nothing more than popsicle sticks, clear adhesive tape, plastic straw string, and a box cutter.

explaining the mechanics of the activity

The room was abuzz with energy – the thought of the upcoming long Chinese New Year weekend likely fueled everyone’s enthusiasm, as well! Ideas flew left and right. And, although the final products proved that not all engineering skills are created equal, the TrueLogic team is as creative as it gets.

team huddle

Choosing a winner was not an easy feat for the judges but in the end, only three groups could come out on top. The honor with 1st place and a P 4,000 prize was group 3, comprised of Chris D, Zhai, Jimmy, Nyj, Lally, Delle, Cha and Andy. The team recreated the Philippine Islands and attached 6 sticks vertically, roughly where Metro Manila is, to represent TrueLogic’s core values. At the end of the vertical sticks were strips of plastic straw to represent TrueLogic’s expansion.valentines winner

Landing in 2nd place, earning the prize of P 3,000 pesos was group 6, and sliding into 3rd place, grabbing the P 2,000 prize was group 1.

Love can mean a million different things and be manifested in a million different ways. At TrueLogic, this love is manifested by showing how much the employees know about and care for the company. Until the next popsicle stick idea!


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