Launching the New and Improved

We’ve been working on a very exciting project over the past weeks: redesigning the TrueLogic website. We pushed the new design live last week, and we’ve been receiving positive feedback from both our clients and employees.

Comparing the Old and the New

The old homepage

The old website design was simple and clean, but we felt it we could make it even better.

We started using the previous design in early 2013. While the website was fully functional and well organized, we reassessed it and identified some ways we could further improve the website for both search engines and users across mobile and desktop platforms.

The new homepage

Our new design isn’t just better looking – it also reflects our company’s culture so much better.

Everyone pitched in to do their part in making our website better and more personalized, including the management team, the web development and design team, the marketing team, and other employees from our different departments. You’ll see a lot of their pictures on display across our new website’s pages.

A comparison shot of the new and old TrueLogic Careers page

A comparison shot of the new and old Careers page.

We’ve also made our blog more reader-friendly and much easier to navigate. You can now easily browse through consecutive blog posts with the horizontal navigation options.

The new TrueLogic blog design

We’re very happy with the redesign project’s results, and are proud to have a website that really shows who we are as a company.

If you want to be part of the family or learn more about our web development and design services, contact us today!

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Gaia Lising

Gaia Lising

Gaia Lising started her career as a designer for an advertising agency, but has always been fascinated about the web. She delved into web development six years ago, and has not looked back since. She now works as one of TrueLogic’s Project Managers and manages a talented group of developers, designers, and webmasters who share the same passion. She enjoys spending her spare time baking and taking interesting everyday life photos.