Weekly Recap: March 10-14, 2014

It’s that time of the week again – the time to revisit the week that was. Join me as I review the highlights of the week that quickly passed by.

Town Hall Recap

Itamar and Clayton opening Town Hall last Friday, March 14
Itamar and Clayton opening Town Hall last Friday, March 14

Though last week’s Town Hall meeting was short and sweet, there was no shortage of praise for members of our team who make our organization more successful and dynamic. The SoLo, Marketing, Web Development and Webmaster teams were commended for their contributions last week.

The SoLo team, already regularly commended for their worked, received kudos for their impressive local optimization reports, while Sam and the Webmasters were given commendation for maintaining transparency and for staying on top of their tasks. The Marketing and Web Development teams also received a nod for making our company’s online presence prominent. To these teams and to all members of our organization, thank you for your contributions and we’re happy to see you maintaining quality and consistency in the work that you do for our brands and our clients.

The TrueLogic team listens to the highlights of the previous week
The TrueLogic team listens to the highlights of the previous week

We celebrated two occasions last week. Eddie celebrated his birthday last March 16, while Deniz our IT guy celebrated his second anniversary with us last March 15. We’re glad to be celebrating with you both, and we’re looking forward to having you as part of our organization for many years to come!

Finally, we gave away the prizes for our On-Time, Big Time raffle promos. John Carlo, Atong, Wileene, Marjorie, Bjorn and Chrisee were our six winners of the third prize – Sodexo Pass GCs worth PhP500. Elyssa was our 2nd prize winner, and she chose the Nokia Asha 501. Our first prize winner, Jayson, received the LG P715 Dual Black mobile phone. Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you for your dedication to come to work every day and on time!

Healthcare Orientation

Being part of our organization means you get numerous benefits, one of which is healthcare coverage. As announced during the Town Hall meeting, after an extensive search for more value-packed HMO plans, we’re moving to a new provider this year, and we’re looking forward to having everyone hear the benefits you’ll be receiving.

In line with this, we announced the orientation for our new provider, which will be held today, March 17. We believe that the health of our employees are one of our most important assets, which is why we make sure you have all the access you need to take care of your health.

This wraps up this week’s recap. I’ll be back next week with more news about our organization and with more insights on our culture. In the meantime, check back throughout the week for the latest industry news and tips!



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