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Limkaco is one of the country’s most trusted names in awnings, tents, and signages. 
Prior to SEO Efforts, the website did not acquire any significant traffic from Google and was not driving inquiries to the business.


Like many businesses, Limkaco’s goal was to make their website a lead generating machine.  At the same time, they wanted a site that was friendly to their users, but maintained the integrity of the brand.


The Limkaco website was old and was not SEO Optimized.  Google Tools were not installed on the site so they were not tracking much less benefiting from the investment made in the website.  Furthermore, this would be the first time they did SEO and they needed a partner they could trust to walk them through the Digital Marketing Process and translate the activities and results to down to earth terms that the owners and marketers could understand.


Site Rebuild

The website was old and had not been updated.  Furthermore, the framework used to build the site was not friendly to the Limkaco team making maintenance of the website even more difficult.

To empower the marketing team to make changes, add products, or edit product descriptions, we transitioned the site to a more user friendly technology, namely the WordPress CMS since no e-commerce capabilities were needed at the time.

After the site was redesigned, re-organized and rebuilt, we made it compliant to Google site speed requirements and made sure it could engage users on both mobile and desktop devices.

Basic security precautions were also applied to the site such as regular back-ups, and https encryption.

SEO for Accountants

SEO Strategy

The SEO Strategy can be broken down into:

  • Technical SEO
  • On-Page
  • Content
  • Link Building

Technical SEO

We then installed the necessary Google tools to the site namely Google Search Console and Google Analytics to track both search and web performance.

We enabled goal and event tracking on the site to gain better insights into user behavior on the website so that we could optimize to improve experiences further down the road.

We executed performance baselining such as which pages performed and which ones did not, which ones had meta content, where content was duplicated, and what pages were missing.

Once all these items were addressed, we proceeded to On-Page and Content.

Ecommerce Marketing Philippines


We began to track and map keywords to both the branded pages and product pages of the website.  Where no page was available to optimize, we created a new page for the product category or product itself.

We optimized for:

  • The URL
  • The site Navigation
  • Meta Title
  • Meta Description
  • H1
  • Alt Text
  • Inner Linking
  • Canonicals
  • And a second round of redirections and 404 page corrections for good measure

We also tested whether the search and web performance could be tracked on GSC and GA respectively.


Next we created content for both the pages that existed and the new pages.  The word count in each page was determined by 2 factors:

  • The purpose of the keyword and the page
  • The word count of the pages that were already ranking for those Keywords

This means making sure that the title of the content reflects the context of the page.  This also involves making original product content and descriptions, inserting the keyword where it is appropriate. We also made sure that any contextual mention of other related products are linked back to their respective pages.

When creating the content strategy, we also look at whether the brand can benefit from any informational searches that the brand is uniquely positioned to satisfy.  Where this condition is true, we create resource pages to capture the rankings for informational variations of the Keyword and link back to the commercial page.


When the campaign began, there were only a few websites that mention the Limkaco site and its content.

After the campaign, there are over 200 domains with mentions of the brand and the website.


after SEO efforts

Improving the site’s navigation and speed improved user engagement by over 15%

Rankings increased from only 36 Keywords on Google Search to 405 Keywords

Traffic to the Website increased from 2559 visits to over 16,492 visitors

The Website consistently generates over 60 organic inquiries per month


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