How Digital Marketing Works for Your Restaurant Business

Digital marketing strategists very often emphasize the importance of having a customized marketing strategy specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of each business. An earlier and more general example of this is targeting for local audiences, which gave rise to local SEO years ago, but today the customizations are more granular and industry-specific. A good example to examine here – and our topic for this blog – is creating a customized digital marketing strategy for restaurants. According to restaurant POS provider Toast, 84% of restaurants will spend the same or more on advertising this year. With such a competitive… Read More

SEO & Content Marketing: It’s a Mix You Need

Startups often think that SEO and content marketing belong to two opposite sides of the marketing sphere, and that they have to choose one over the other. Some leave out content marketing and simply focus their efforts on SEO, and vice versa. Others compare SEO and content marketing side-by-side to determine which service will offer them more benefits. This line of thinking is what gets their digital marketing ineffective from the get-go. SEO and content marketing go together. I like to think of it as butter and maple syrup when you’re eating pancakes. If you remove one, I don’t think… Read More

Lights, Camera, TERROR!

Energy filled the hallways of TrueLogic once again as employees prepared for a favorite annual event: Halloween! With this year’s theme, Scream Fest, the company revived a category that further taps into the creativity of the groups. On top of transforming their rooms and dressing up, the contestants were required to create a horror-filled movie trailer related to their room décor. Teams looked for inspiration from different suspense/thriller, horror, and psychological films to design their freaky flicks. What raised the stakes this year was the opening of TrueLogic’s new office on the opposite side of the floor. So, instead of… Read More

How Effective is Real Estate PPC?

Today’s digital marketing scene offers businesses a rich assortment of options for promoting their brand. Among the most used digital marketing platforms are pay-per-click (PPC) or paid ads, whether it’s in the form of text ads, banner ads or sponsored / promoted social media ads. The real estate industry is one of the most competitive industries today. The combination of increasing incomes, fast developing communities and competitive real estate prices has made the industry ripe for the buyers’ market. Increasing market reach and visibility requires more creativity now – traditional marketing isn’t enough anymore, and so real estate companies are… Read More

Improving the Social Media Marketing Strategy for Your Resort

Social media has changed the way we do marketing. Sharing on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is the new word-of-mouth – if you manage to break through social channels and even go viral, you can vastly increase your audience size. This is especially true for those in the travel, hotel and hospitality industries. Having a strong social media marketing strategy for your hotel or resort will help your business reach a wider customer base while establishing your brand more effectively. Think of it as word-of-mouth, but with the help of digital tools. Offer easily digestible content These days, attention spans are… Read More

3 Law Firm Marketing Challenges

Marketing is difficult in just about every trade. Companies work hard to promote their brand and understandably look for a return on their investment. For many brands, digital marketing has made it easier to reach bigger audiences. Brands can now easily interact with people all over the world, sometimes without a cost. However, the situation is different in the legal marketing industry. Unlike other industries, marketing for lawyers deals with a more serious and specific niche. Firms must be careful when targeting audiences to ensure the reputation of their business. The setup is indeed challenging, especially in today’s thriving digital… Read More

Social Media for Lawyers: The Why’s and the How’s

Lawyers largely ignored social media until early 2012—when research groups started publishing studies on the massive potential of social media, and when the Law Society issued a social media guide for lawyers. By June that same year, Legal Futures reported that Twitter had become the key source of client referrals for lawyers. There was a 663% increase in people asking for recommendations on the social network. Fast forward to today, and 73% of lawyers now have LinkedIn profiles. Approximately 27% use Facebook and 23% use Twitter for professional purposes, according to MyCase. Social media now plays an important part in… Read More

Real Estate Brands That Win at Digital Marketing in the Philippines

Digital marketing is playing bigger roles for real estate marketers, hotel owners, and resort owners today. These entities, which normally use traditional marketing, now turn to SEO for real estate and other digital solutions for promoting their properties – with goals varying from increasing awareness and visibility to garnering more sales, bookings, and reservations. In this blog, let’s have a look at some prominent names in the Philippine real estate industry and see how they use digital marketing to their advantage. Megaworld Corporation: Shifting from Traditional to Digital As one of the country’s real estate giants, Megaworld has all the… Read More