Business Blogs: What do Customers Really Want to Read About?

Business blogs have been an enigma ever since large-scale blogging became a reality in the early 00s. Companies weren’t quite sure what they could put in them, and everyone was trying to figure out what effect – if any – posting would have on their success. A decade and a half later, the answers aren’t getting any clearer. The Online LandscapePeople can get almost anything online these days and, more importantly, they know all the places they need to visit to get those things. If they want to research an obscure topic, they go to Wikipedia, if they want… Read More

Back to the Future: Making the Most of Your Old Blog Posts

We work hard to keep our content calendar on time and on track. We publish new blog posts regularly, produce original images and videos for our audience, and launch new products to keep them coming back. We rinse and repeat, pumping resources into content creation to keep the blog fed and the readers updated. But have you ever noticed how fast your new content grows “old”? Posts can quickly get bumped off the blog homepage and be buried in the next page. We put all this work into creating new blogs that we fail to realize we’re neglecting the old… Read More

5 Ways to Break Your Creative Block

Whether you’re a writer, a designer, or an artist, as long as you dabble in the creative field, you’ve already experienced the terrifying (or at least physically and emotionally draining) reign of the creative block. As the term “block” suggests, a creative block prevents people from drawing inspiration or creativity for a project. Creative blocks can stem from many causes. As someone who’s always creating something (both for work and for my personal enjoyment), I’ve found some tips that work for getting past the dreaded block.     Do your research Not having enough information on a particular subject matter… Read More

The Art of Conversion: Closing the Deal With Your Copy

Working as a copywriter, by definition, makes you a salesman. Regardless of the type of piece you’re writing—be it typical advertisements, advertorials, or business website copies—you are selling something in the end. Whether the purpose of your written material might be to directly offer a product or a service, or to introduce an idea that would grab the interest of the reader as part of a bigger marketing campaign, the bottom-line is you need to persuade them to go to the next step upon reading your closing statement. Your conclusion is vital because that’s what generates leads. It contains the… Read More

The TrueLogic ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I’m sure most of you have already seen tons of ALS ice bucket challenge videos all over social media, thanks to all the Hollywood celebs who gamely took the challenge and posted their videos online. Now, speaking as someone in the digital marketing industry, I am extremely impressed with the people who conceptualized this challenge–they are geniuses, seriously. This is a dream campaign, from a marketer’s perspective. With that said, let’s not forget the real reason behind the ice bucket challenge: to promote awareness of ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) and to get people to make donations and help fund the… Read More

Fearless and Proud: Champion Public Speaking in 10 Easy Ways

I’ve had my share of embarrassing public speaking moments and I can still vividly remember the times that I failed at being a presenter, a good one that is. For a long time, I have wondered how it went wrong and how I could have done it better, until I observed and got tips from the pros- people who are able to channel different personas and wear various “professional hats”. They are the people who can talk effortlessly, are master showmen, and train and hold the attention of an entire room for 8 full hours daily. They are known by… Read More

25 Sure Fire Tips On Growing Your Brands Readership

Blogging has become one of the major tools marketers leverage and position themselves in the SERPs. It gives us social visibility and engagement that we otherwise would not have. It provides a gateway for traffic that could potentially turn into leads, conversions and even links. We all have one, and we all do it. Photo by Mike Knell But why are your competitors getting all the traction and social signals? Here are a few tips to grow your brands readership: ContentEnsure that your writing is directed to your audience and relevant to your business. Talk about things that resonate… Read More

6 Crucial Things To Boost Your Content And Hit Your Marketing Goals

Photo by 10ch It’s been a while since the introduction of content marketing and its potential to grow your business really took off. However, not everyone understands its power and the influence it gives brands. The benefits that can be reaped from content marketing don’t stop there. It’s amazing how much we underestimate information and how we don’t stop to think what makes a piece interesting and what doesn’t. Everyone produces content but not each piece gets the traction we are all looking for. Why is that? Below are the 6 things that differentiate sub-standard content and engagingly high quality… Read More