SEO & Content Marketing: It’s a Mix You Need

Startups often think that SEO and content marketing belong to two opposite sides of the marketing sphere, and that they have to choose one over the other. Some leave out content marketing and simply focus their efforts on SEO, and vice versa. Others compare SEO and content marketing side-by-side to determine which service will offer them more benefits. This line of thinking is what gets their digital marketing ineffective from the get-go. SEO and content marketing go together. I like to think of it as butter and maple syrup when you’re eating pancakes. If you remove one, I don’t think… Read More

How to Write Impressive Content for Your Startup

You learned why it’s important to have a blog for your business. Now, let’s move on to the next question, “How do you write a blog for your startup?” Writing a blog is a science and an art at the same time. It requires the same amount of scrutiny as any artwork, and a thorough formula for verbiage and syntax. If your goal is to write a blog just for the sake of having one, it’s going to be a train wreck for your rankings.  If your goal is to write a blog just for the sake of having one,… Read More

Content Marketing Services: The Power of Storytelling

People love reading and listening to stories, and it’s all because of one reason: it’s easier to relate to a story. Many brands use the storytelling approach to win the attention of online users and drive more traffic. Instead of just having a single web copy to explain the dimensions and specifications of a product, marketers use stories to address the needs of customers. Here are a few ways to use storytelling to promote your products and services: User-generated ContentNotice how user-generated content gets more attention than branded content. Why is this so? Because customers trust real people. They… Read More

What Great Writers Know about Articles that Drive Traffic

Search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per-click (PPC), conversion, keywords – so many terms remind you of what you’re supposed to do to help your site gain online traction. Sometimes it’s not even just your own website that you would like to get customers’ attention; you want every post you publish to get as many reads, shares, and likes as possible. The primary purpose remains the same: target an audience, attract them, engage them, and then convert them. With all of the terms you have to remember and all the things you have to do for your website,… Read More

Getting More Value with Re-Optimized Content

Content optimization goes beyond keyword usage and SEO methodologies. While new content can drive traffic and reach a wider audience, this is not always the answer. A better approach would be to re-optimize your old content. Why do you need to re-optimize those old blog posts instead of just creating new content? It’s simple. Some of your old posts might have already gained traffic from the time they were published. It will be easier to rank these old blogs instead of creating new ones and starting with a clean slate. A study by Hubspot shows that 76% of blog traffic… Read More

Top Publishing Hacks Revealed: Digital Marketing in a Blink [Seminar]

Being at the forefront of the SEO industry, we have been invited to speak at another digital marketing event earlier this month: the Digital Marketing in a Blink Seminar for Digital Marketers. If you have never been to one of these seminars, we highly recommend you go; it’s a great opportunity to learn the top trends happening in the marketing world and connect with professionals to build your network. Content marketing has been a very popular term in the industry, but few really know what success looks like and what the recipe is for that success. It’s because of our… Read More

Changing of the Guard: Content Marketing Invades SEO Territory

Content marketing is catching fire as of late and beginning to dethrone search engine optimization (SEO) as the premier tool to own Google SERPs. Thanks to certain algorithm updates by the Internet giant, content has successfully taken the driver’s seat to steer you toward search rankings. Not that other web elements have lost their value, such as links and web design, but the substance of the pieces found on your site or other cyber places linked to your main online real estate practically dictates most, if not all, metrics affecting your search standings.   In a Nutshell In essence, content… Read More

Bill for “Google Law” in Israel Drafted and Scheduled for First Reading

Israel is planning to levy taxes on search engine companies in favor of local content publishers. The Financial Times reports that Israel lawmakers have finished drafting a bill that requires search engine companies to pay taxes for what they earn when they run other publishers’ content. Israeli lawmakers want to impose a levy on Google and its rival search engines for their earnings in locally generated content Israeli Content Makers are “Suffocating” The bill proposes to levy 7% of earnings from online advertising, which search engines must pay to the local content providers. The proponents of the bill did not… Read More