25 Quick Wins to Boost Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate

Having an ecommerce site isn’t just as easy as having the products to sell and waiting for buyers to flock to your site. After all, without boosting your site’s conversion rate, you’re least likely to get the exposure you want to even sell anything. Start with these 25 ways to improve your ecommerce conversion rate and see better profit: 1. Rank for main keywords. This includes your brand name, products, and categories. Spend the majority of your PPC marketing budget on these keywords because these are the ones that will drive conversions to your ecommerce site. Ranking for your brand… Read More

Why Do Customers Abandon Their Online Shopping Carts?

Everyone’s done it at least a few times while shopping over the Internet. They find something they like, put the item in their cart, and then leave the site without completing the purchase. Abandonment is the biggest obstacle e-commerce sites have to contend with in their interactions with customers. It can become a frustrating part of the business, as reports predict that as much as $4 trillion worth of merchandise will be left behind in carts this year. In addition, industry analysts only see the trend increasing and become an even bigger problem in the future. It is behavioral psychology… Read More

Amazon Could Be Joining the Ad-Supported Video Streaming Bandwagon

Amazon.com might be stepping into the ad-supported television and music-video streaming scene. Wall Street Journal reports that this information comes from people “close to the company,” who also said that the service will feature original and licensed content, and could launch in a few months. Amazon has allegedly outlined potential partners for this service, including the creators of “Betas”, a series that Amazon co-produced and offered to Amazon Prime subscribers last year.The sources said that Amazon also plans to offer free music videos (with ads) to their retail website’s visitors. For example, searching for a specific artist’s album on… Read More

Japanese Ecommerce Giant Rakuten Buys Viber for $900 Million

Two weeks ago, it was confirmed that Israeli entrepreneur Talmon Marco would be selling Viber Media Inc. to Japanese ecommerce giant Rakuten Inc. The call and messaging app, which is one of the top five most downloaded smartphone apps, carries with it a $900 million price tag. Rakuten has now completed this acquisition – Viber is now officially Rakuten Inc. property.Japanese ecommerce giant Rakuten (above) has finished their acquisition of messaging app Viber (below). Part of Rakuten’s Reinvention Rakuten Inc., run by billionaire Hiroshi Mikatani, owns the ecommerce platform Rakuten Ichiba, which is the sixth largest in the world… Read More

Ecommerce Expected To Grow in the Philippines in 2014

According to several ecommerce watchers in the Philippines, the ecommerce industry is expected to grow bigger in the Philippines this year. The predictions for this year include more ecommerce start-ups, traditional businesses moving towards online marketing, and an increased demand for services to be made available online. Retail, Online Services to Pick Up This Year According to Janette Toral, founder of ecommerce watcher website DigitalFilipino, 2014 is the year for services to pick up in the ecommerce market. “For 2014, it’s more of not just the super stores becoming noticeable but services picking up as well. Services will continue to… Read More

Holiday Sales Data Shows an Increase in eCommerce and Mobile Activity

This year’s holiday season is revealing interesting statistics and data on the popularity of ecommerce and mobile purchases. Custora, a company offering an analytics platform for ecommerce marketing, is currently gathering data from over 100 online retailers to provide a detailed report on this year’s holiday sales. Increased Holiday Sales and Traffic Based on this report (as of December 4, 2013), holiday ecommerce revenue is up by 20% from last year, with Black Friday sales going up by 16.2% and Cyber Monday sales increasing by 18.2%.Ecommerce visitor traffic has also increased by about 21% compared to 2012, with Cyber… Read More

Effective Ways to Deal with Shopping Cart Abandonment

The holiday season brings in a lot of new customers, but you’ll be seeing abandoned shopping carts, too. On average, 67.44% of online shopping carts end up being abandoned for a variety of reasons. Some shoppers simply abandon carts to compare prices with a different vendor or to come back to them later, while others abandon because of shipping policy issues or bad user experience. Many of these abandoners are still good prospects, but you need to give them a push in the right direction. These three methods can help you get them to come back and complete their purchases.… Read More

Turning One-Time Holiday Buyers into Loyal or Repeat Customers

Your ecommerce business will probably get a lot of new customers this holiday season, but this influx of sales is only temporary. Seeing a rapid decline in conversions after when the holidays are over isnothing new, but tapping into the right online marketing channels and using the right strategies can help make the drop less steep. Customer Personas Holiday shoppers are usually different from your average shopper. Many of them have never visited your site before, and are only focused on buying a specific item. Turning these single-minded consumers into repeat customers can be challenging if you don’t take… Read More