Movie Night 2017: TrueLogic Sets Out to the Galaxy

The TrueLogic family knows how to balance work and play, allowing us to drive great results without the burnout.

Our annual movie night was held last April 28, a well-timed special non-working holiday in Metro Manila. Our last superhero-themed event — the Halloween party — highlighted DC heroes and villains, so it was only fair that this one drew attention to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

TrueLogic employees attending this year's movie night

About 105 participants from the different departments (OPS, SAL, FIN, CNT, MKT, HRA, IT, RAD) met up at the entrance of Greenbelt 3 Cinema 2 for the 7:35 p.m. showing of Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.”

A Break from the Computer Screen

The TrueLogic family is more than familiar with the quintessential office scene: sitting in front of a computer for about a third of the day, every day. And, at some point, we tend to get wacky, don’t we? So there are some days when we just want to unwind.

Taking a break from work

Movie Night was the perfect opportunity for us to kick back, relax, and enjoy the screen — the movie screen, that is. What a refreshing change from the computer screens we face every day.

Even better were the free snacks to enjoy as we witnessed the Guardians save the Galaxy a second time around. (Thank you for arranging this, HRA Department!)

A Lesson on Working Together

There’s no denying that the Guardians of the Galaxy are an unusual bunch.

Peter Quill is the half-human, half-Celestial Star-Lord who enjoys bantering with Rocket Raccoon, a bounty hunter and mercenary with a chip on his shoulder. Gamora is an orphan who Thanos groomed to be an assassin, while Drax the Destroyer is a formidable brute who actually has a soft heart. Of course, who can forget the adorable baby tree, Groot?

They remind the TrueLogic family that diversity is an asset.

The movie night was a blast!

Our differences allow us to work off each other’s strengths and compensate for weaknesses; to throw ideas back and forth, and gain insight from one another. This diversity helps us become better at our jobs.

We may not have the enhanced capabilities or the super cool gadgets to save an entire galaxy, but we’re using our resources just right to make an impact in the online world.

Watching “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ” was a thrilling way to take a breather from work and enjoy the summer. We look forward to ending the season with a bang at #SweatEatOut2017. Until then!

#OneForTruelogic: All About Family at the San Lorenzo Ruiz Home for the Elderly

“Mano po, nay! Mano po, tay!”

TrueLogic Online Solutions’s team of volunteers happily greeted the elders in a tradition Filipinos hold dear. After giving respect, the team looked forward to a special day with lovely seniors at the San Lorenzo Ruiz Home for the Elderly – a non-profit organization that helps Manila’s abandoned and less fortunate elderly.

TL shares a special day with the elderly

CSR team leads Keith Rosales and April Grace Sumugat opened the program with a warm welcome for the seniors, followed by a word of prayer from Den Noble of the Content Department.

To entertain the seniors, the team came up with their very own version of Showtime, a popular noontime show. The cast ensemble included the following:

Vice Ganda – Sam Enriquez (Senior Operations Team Leader)
Kuya Kim – Eric Coronel (Project Manager)
Anne Curtis – Ashley Petallano (Interim Senior Web Content Writer)
Karylle – Inna Espiritu (Web Content Writer)
Jugs – Keith Rosales (Project Manager)

Residents playing Hep Hep Hooray

San Lorenzo Ruiz’s residents enjoyed the string of activities. The seniors were thrilled with games of “Hep,Hep, Hooray!” and showcased their singing prowess at the Tawag ng Tanghalan segment.

The elderlies astounded the volunteers with their seemingly endless energy as they sang and danced endless rounds of cha-cha.

TL volunteers and residents singing and dancing

The TL volunteers likewise enjoyed interacting with the oldies, hearing their stories as well as heeding wise words on how to live better and sharing love whenever there’s a chance.

Graphic motion artist Leonard Fernandez captured the event through his lens.

According to Senior Writer, Andy Carolino, the whole experience taught her (and the rest of the team) one lesson: treasure the ones you hold dear. She adds that visiting the needy elderly gave her a new perspective on family – how children should never take their parents for granted – a constant reminder from San Lorenzo Ruiz’s residents.

TL volunteers share moments with residents

The two-hour event capped off with the volunteers rewarding delicious biscuits to the seniors, as well as a delicious meal shared with each other.

And it was time to say goodbye.

The lolos and lolas of San Lorenzo Ruiz couldn’t stop thanking the volunteers for their time and support. But for the TrueLogic team, it was them they had to thank – for their warm smiles and the valuable experience.

#OneForTrueLogic: A Joyous, Caring Day at CRIBS Foundation

“Ah-ah, aso / Buh-buh, bola / Kuh-kuh, Kaktus…”, lyrics from the kid’s favorite “Alpabasa” played on endless loop on March 4th. That Saturday afternoon, a team of volunteers from TrueLogic Online Solutions visited the CRIBS Foundation, a non-profit organization that takes in orphaned infants and young survivors of abuse.

TLOS Employees as volunteers

The activity was the first in line for #OneForTrueLogic, TrueLogic’s continuing drive to reach out and touch lives under its corporate social responsibility program.

The day was marked by ear-to-ear smiles and warmth. For the toddlers at CRIBS, the volunteers prepared a kiddie party. Origami boats sailed across the playroom while paper cranes dangled above the shindig.

Origami boats all around the playroom

Mai Porras from the Content team led the event, dolled up as fairy, which was welcomed by a fit of giggles if not wonder. To introduce themselves, the bunch played “The Boat is Sinking”. In between regroups, the ates and kuyas introduced themselves to the kids.

Social media specialist, Shawynn Morales, captivated the toddlers in the title role of Ang Pambihirang Sombrero ni Mia (Mia’s Incredible Hat), a tale of a young girl that ends in a flight amongst the clouds. Inspired by the story, the toddlers put paint and vegetable stamps to good use. Jayson (not his real name), the eldest in the group, wrote his name in bold bright colors earning him a spot-on CRIB’s Art Wall.

Time for entertaining the kids

Volunteers Leo Lutero, Pao Durias, and Maroi Santos quickly found delight in being older siblings for the happy kids. CJ Ang, Donna Leyran, and Aviana Baladad had their share of the fun, playing their own games with the young ones after the art activity.

Showing talent through art

Riel Reyes entertained curious kids with his photography. Time flew fast and before everyone knew it, it was merienda time for the kids. The toddlers were treated to what their caretakers reveal as their favorite: healthy noodles and spring rolls prepared by the volunteers.

After the meal, the party ended with the toddler receiving gifts of crayons, coloring books, and puzzles.

Playing with the tots

On the other side of the room were the crawlers, infants as young six months old. It was playtime for them and the TrueLogic crew. Volunteers Kristra Recta, Sam Pingol, Patricia Mapili, Marc Bartolome, and Coey Punsalan all helped in assisting the adorable infants in play led by their caregivers. It was a blast feeding the bouncy tots their afternoon meal.

The kids love TLOS employees

Soon it was time to say goodbye. Amongst the consumables (diapers, milk, food) that TrueLogic donated to CRIBS was a beat box for their music therapy classes. Upon opening our simple gift, CRIBS’ ward of young women, all survivors of abuse, serenaded the team with a lovely song and a simple message: “Salamat”.

Hanging with Hipsters and the Hippies: Truelogic’s 2016 Year Ender

Not to blow our own horn, but at Truelogic, we work hard. Something we’re equally great at? Knowing how to party. Last December 17, the entire team donned their tie-dye shirts and ironic, thrift-store outfits to take over the Privé Luxury Club at The Fort Strip, BGC for a night of sick beats and groovy dance moves.

Photobooth sessions

The doors opened at 5:30 PM, and with it, access to the beloved party staple: the photoboth. Early birds had a blast showing off their hipster and hippie ensembles while waiting for the other party guests to arrive. After exhausting their poses (or were taking a break in between their photoshoot) employees and guests cooled off at the bar and buffet for pre-drinks and light meal. The diligent staff of Privé made sure to prepare a scrumptious spread for everyone as they waited for the official program to start.

Find Your Match — or Dance!

To kick off the night, host Chewy Buhion led a game called Find Your Match. The rules were simple: bracelet pairs that were given out to guests during registration should match another person’s. Those who found themselves flying solo had to engage in an epic dance-off that showcased their dance skills. Cesar Jucutan and Leo Lutero pumped up the crowd with their sick moves, earning them both a win.

Dance showdown

With everybody’s full attention now on the stage, Truelogic’s General Manager Bernard San Juan III officially welcomed everyone to the party by sharing the two emotions he feels every time he steps into the office: a sense of achievement when things are going well and an even stronger sense of hope for things to go better the next time around.

Bernard talks to the crowd

He wrapped up his speech with the best wishes for the coming year — but, before that, he wished everyone luck on the much awaited event of the night: the series of year-end group performances.

The Main Event (with a Side of Raffle Prizes)

In an unprecedented move, the Truelogic team was split into five groups: the combined forces of Ops, Workforce, and Training made up the first team; Sales had the honor of being the second group; R&D, Marketing, HRA, IT, and Finance peopled the third; the fourth group consisted of the creatives in Content; and, last but not the least, was the diverse mix of Social Media, PPC, Web Dev, PDQA, and Motion Graphics representing the fifth group. As there were only three spots for the five determined teams to battle over, the competition was understandably tight this year.

Group performances

To keep things interesting, prizes were raffled off between every performance.

The Grooviest Getups of the Night

After everyone had their turn at showing how hardcore hip they were as a group, it was time to call on the people who stood out and owned their Hippie or Hipster look as individuals. Anica Alfelor, Maya Guilatco, Natali Maharaban, Issa Bautista, and Angie Duarte were the five peace-loving Hippie finalists, while Reed Gabagat, Edison Pablo, Pauline Feraren, Sam Pingol, and Lester Santiago filled out the beanie-wearing, Starbucks-toting ranks of the Hipsters. To complete the event, each candidate was asked why they were the hippiest-hipster or the most hipster-like hipster of the night. Their answers were both ingenious and true to their character — they really wanted to win this!

Who's the grooviest and hippiest of them all

The People’s Choice Awards

What would the year-end party be without looking back at the past year and acknowledging the stars who shone bright for the company? We’ll never know, because the People’s Choice Awards recognized the most dedicated employees of the past year:

The favorites for this year

For Sales, Pao Durias was awarded the Chillax Award for never getting shocked, pressured, or nervous about anything and somehow always delivering. On the other hand, CJ Masungsong got the Customer Whisperer Award for being the first person on the list to call when irate customers need to be kept calm.

Operations gave Albert Garrigo the YOLO Award for always being willing to take risks, while Sam Enriquez got the Savage Award for being the bad-ass who had the guts to say and do what nobody else would do.

Grisel Garcia was crowned the Pop Culture Pro for always being up-to-date on the latest shows and trends. Meanwhile Andy Carolino got the Bermuda Triangle Award because, somehow, the things on her desk always seemed to get lost and never return. Here’s to hoping that she doesn’t leave her award on her desk.

R&D and Marketing’s Avi Baladad was named the punniest with the Punny Award for her clever wordplay. Rachelle Tan, meanwhile, received the Mama Bear Award for being the much-appreciated caretaker of the bunch.

The Support Groups’ very own Eugene Pidlaoan got “The Man” Award for always making sure that everybody followed the rules and that nobody got into trouble with the boss. Meanwhile, Tin Refuerzo’s Neatest Nook Award is a testament to her desk, which is so clean, you could eat off of it (we neither confirm nor deny trying this out).

There were also general awards which were open to the Truelogic team as a whole:

Andy Carolino won the Groovy Award for her constant, all-around good vibes. CJ Masungsong won the Butterfly Award for literally knowing and being friends with everyone.

The Pen Stealer Award was a tie between Denis Ayeng and Tazeana Tan, who both have a rep for always walking off with other people’s pens.

Rob Rosales won the Forever on Fleek Award because his default outfits always make him look on-point. Meanwhile, Jymyl Bandong won Rookie of the Year for being such a rockstar at his job.

Finally, Tazeana Tan, Ashley Petallano, and Ivan Noche shared the Hip-Star Award. It was a testament to their outstanding attendance record in 2016.

The Game Changers of the Year

TL game changers

Things got serious as, after the awarding of the People’s Choice Awards, CEO Itamar Gero and the department managers stepped on stage to recognize the individuals who had been crucial to the successful operations of the team in the past year. They are as follows:

   SEO: Elzer Ramos                                                               Ops: Sam Enriquez
   Sales: Paolo Durias and CJ Masungsong                        Content: Mike Dimaano, Tazeana Tan, Andy Carolino
   R&D: Bordy Bordeos and Jymyl Bandong                      Marketing: Imee Roa
   Finance: Pam Fernandez                                                  Itamar’s Pick: Lydia Rodillo
   HRA: Lydia Rodillo

The Moment that We’ve all been Waiting For…

By this time, the judges already had results for the Best in Costume and the Best Performance awards.

For the first category, Pauline Feraren and Angie Duarte took home the prizes for being the best-dressed and most in-character of the Hipster and Hippie bunches, respectively. Both hail from the Content Department and their awards are a testimony to the team’s creativity.

The results for the Group Performances made the crowd go wild: In first place and winning Php 20,000 was the Content Department with their intriguing skit about Hippies kidnapping Hipsters in the name of peace. Last year’s grand prize winner, the Sales Department, came up second, bagging a pot of Php 10,000. The merry, meta band of Social Media, PPC, Web Dev, PDQA, and Motion Graphics took home the third place prize with Php 5,000.

Group performance winners

Before closing the night, Itamar was invited on stage to draw the winner of the major raffle: an LG43″ LED TV and DVD Player. Since Truelogic has been active for seven years, he stated that the seventh name drawn would be the lucky duck who got to take home the prize. This turned out to be none other than Hipster of the Night, Pauline Feraren.

With the program run through and the grand prizes awarded, the party was officially ending — but the night was just starting. After bidding everybody a happy holidays, Itamar gave the floor over to DJ Therese Garcia, who had everyone busting out their moves in short order. It was the perfect ending to a great night. Truly, nothing could have ended the year better for Truelogic. Until the next!

TrueLogic Invades Arkham Asylum for Halloween 2016

Straying from last year’s fun-filled Carnival theme, TrueLogic took over Arkham Asylum during the Halloween party last October 28.

Halloween decor

Three teams — the Admin Room, the Middle Room, and the Operations Room —put in a lot of effort and transformed their respective areas into their vision of the DC Universe’s renowned psychiatric ward. It’s safe to say that the TrueLogic employees had a blast decorating the rooms, posing at the photo booth, and planning their DC-heroes-and-villains-inspired tricks.

Halloween preparations

An Insane Happening

To kick off the Halloween party, the entire TrueLogic team gathered around the hallway for the introduction of the room decoration and costume contest judges: Zahra Bianca Saldua, Mary Kath Jane, and Carla Delos Reyes.

At around 5pm, the beautiful panel began their private tour of each team’s decorated room. They visited the action-packed Operations Room first, took a scary tour around the Admin Room next, and visited the Middle Room’s madhouse last.

TL employees in their insane Arkham costumes

While the judges deliberated and tallied their scores, the entire team gathered in the hallway for the costume competition. Keith Rosales, Mike Dimaano, and Ryan Reyes took over hosting duties as the contestants strutted down the red carpet dressed as their favorite DC heroes and villains.

Costume catwalk

The fun didn’t end there, though. The TrueLogic team, divided into nine groups prior to the event, played some very interesting Halloween games. First, their ick-factor tolerance was challenged when they were tasked to identify the mysterious contents of several baby diapers using only their sense of smell and taste. Later on, everyone also had a fun time mummifying eight brave souls one-handed with rolls of tissue paper.

Halloween games with the employees

Every TrueLogic employee is competitive and aims only for the best, so it’s no surprise that the Halloween games were both exciting and intense. After the Halloween activities, the entire team gathered once more to cool off and attend the Town Hall meeting before the announcement of winners and the much awaited dinner.

A Wicked Ending

Everybody needs a positive boost once in a while, and that’s exactly what Town Hall did for the team. After reading out positive feedback and welcoming the newest members of the TrueLogic team, the hosts proceeded to announce the winners of this year’s competition.

For the room decoration contest, the criteria were as follows: 30% Design and Creativity, 30% Adherence to the Theme, 30% Group Effort and Organization, and 10% Overall Impression. The winning team would collect Php 10,000, while the 2nd placer and 3rd placer stood to take home Php 7,000 and Php 5,000 respectively.

Reinforcing their position as the Halloween room decoration champs, the Middle Room bagged first place for the fourth year in a row with their Joker-infiltrated Arkham Asylum concept. The Admin Room came in second, while the Ops Room nabbed third place.

Middle Room Wins!

Unlike the stricter criteria for room design, the TrueLogic costume contest kept things simple. The sole basis for judging was how insanely Arkham Asylum the contestants were. Gary Ferrolino, who impressed the discerning crowd with his spot-on impression of the Scarecrow, came in 1st place, bagging Php 5,000 in the process. Meanwhile, Hydy Gutierrez’s Harley Quinn and Anica Alfelor’s Poison Ivy won 2nd place and 3rd place. They received Php 3,000 and Php 2,000 as prize money, respectively.

Winners of the costume contest

As for the Halloween games, Team 3 won 1st place and was awarded Php 4,500. Team 5 came in 2nd and received Php 2,500, while Team 2 came in 3rd and won Php 2,000.

After congratulating one another for a job well done, the team capped off the night with some mouthwatering fare from buffet.

Now that Halloween is over, however, the entire team is all too ready for the next TrueLogic company event: the year-end Christmas party.

What will the team get up to this time?

Just another insane and awesome Halloween


True Idols 2016: TrueLogic Celebrates Major Milestone with Rockeoke Night

TrueLogic recently achieved yet another major milestone, and what better way to celebrate this achievement than do what we all love to do—sing our hearts out in a fun rockeoke night? Despite the heavy rain, the entire company came together on July 21 (Yes, a Thursday night!) at Handlebar Makati for the “True Idols 2016” event.

This jam night served as an opportunity to reflect on where we’ve been, reaffirm our commitment for the future, and of course, showcase our (hidden) musical prowess. Yes people! Truelogic employees don’t just work hard, we also know how to rock and party the night away!

TrueLogic Idols


Food and Music: A Perfect Combination

The band got things started with a few songs, while everyone enjoyed a sumptuous feast. The buffet table was filled with mouthwatering barbecued ribs, pasta, fruits, salad and more.

Band - TrueLogic

Veggies - TrueLogic

Chicken - TrueLogic

Fruit Salad - TrueLogic

Enjoying food - TrueLogic

While others chose to ignore the meal and went straight to the pool table!

HR and Admin - TrueLogic

Carlo on billiards - TrueLogic


Rockeoke: The Main Event

With the crowd in high spirits, a full stomach, and beer in hand, now it’s on to the main event. Talented TL employees hit the high notes and let their voices shine; Maya, Nathalie, and Leandie started the fun by singing the ABBA hit, Dancing Queen.

Leandie, Nathalie, Maya - TrueLogic

Pao grabbed the mic to sing a Guns N’ Roses classic—Sweet Child o’ Mine, followed by Jai from the Content department who impressively sang Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi. Project managers CJ, Will, Jill, Mike and Tisha, as well as Jaz, Andy, Arra, and Elie also took the stage. Even our very own CEO, Itamar Gero and General Manager Bernard San Juan shared their vocal talents.

As it is, “what an impressive bunch of talents” would be the understatement of the year, after hearing the uber talented employees of TrueLogic!

Pao- TrueLogic

Will - TrueLogic

Berns - TrueLogic

Others, including Itamar, played the guitar, bass, and drums.

Itamar - TrueLogic


True Idols 2016: A Pat on the Back

We’ve all had our noses to the grindstone the past few months, and the True Idols 2016 was a welcome break from all that. Plus, this rockeoke night was an awesome, fun way to pat ourselves on the back, and a great reminder that all of the hard work we’ve put in is worth it.

TrueLogic jamming - TrueLogic

Here’s to achieving more milestones—and more parties and jam nights for the books!

Do you also love to sing, play the drums or guitars? You too could join the fun in the nearest future. Check out our careers page now!

Second Time’s the Charm: SEO Org Hosts SEO Shots II

Though the first leg of SEO Shots was a huge success, the organizers didn’t settle for just one take. Last July 15 at Warehouse Eight, La Fuerza Plaza 2241, Don Chino Roces, Makati, SEO Organization Philippines and TrueLogic Online Solutions, Inc. gave the delegates the second “shot” they deserve.

SEO Shots II is part of the free six-series seminar that aims to help business owners and digital marketing professionals understand the science behind successful SEO. With insights from industry experts Sheila Dela Pena, Sam Nam, and Sean Si, it gave the attendees further understanding about the processes necessary to achieve digital success.

Sheila Dela Pena on “A Holistic Approach to Website Analytics”

Sheila Dela Pena

Sheila Dela Pena, a seasoned digital marketing professional, talked about the right approach to web Analytics. According to her, industry leaders and newbies must base their decisions on a “time series comparison”, among other factors. She stressed the importance of gathering and comparing data about website traffic, customer engagement, and conversion.

Ms. Dela Pena also confirmed that different marketing channels affect customers’ purchase decisions through the following:

  • Awareness – making the site visible so customers will know about the solutions (products and services that are available to them)
  • Consideration – being an ideal option for customers
  • Intent – understanding users’ intent and providing the information they are looking for
  • Decision – engaging visitors and encouraging them to make an action

She ended her piece by encouraging attendees to look at every aspect of their campaigns, research to find answers, and look for the right solutions to issues that arise.


Sam Nam Shares Ideas for Better Content Creation

Sam Nam

Sam Nam, President and Co-founder of The Graft Group, came all the way from the US to share his ideas and experience in creating different types of content for a range of businesses and industries. He discussed ways to prevent idea drought and find inspirations for content writing. According to Mr. Nam, there are three types of content writers can focus on:

  1. Hero – content with the potential to go viral (i.e. blogs and product unboxing videos)
  2. Hub – content that engages customers (encouraging them to subscribe to a video channel or newsletter)
  3. Help – content that provides answers and solutions (i.e. FAQs and comments)

Imagination and creativity are necessary to come up with great Hero content ideas. Writers may get ideas for Hub content from a variety of sources, including customer queries, tutorials, and customer reviews. As for the Help content, they may get inspiration from customer experiences, competitors’ knowledge base, chat transcripts, and social platforms, such as Quora and Facebook.


Done with SEO: What’s Next? Sean Si Reveals the Answer

Sean Si

SEO Hacker’s CEO Sean Si explained that keeping site rankings in a highly competitive market is as important as driving traffic through SEO. This is possible by ensuring visitors turn into paying customers.

“A website with a lot of traffic doesn’t mean it can convert well,” says Mr. Si. He also added that Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is key to resolving problems with customer engagement and conversion.

Talking from experience, Sean Si pointed out that making significant changes to a website’s structure could make a big difference. A catchy title and Meta description can captivate the target audience. To close, Mr. Si emphasized the importance of using a combination of effective SEO and comprehensive CRO.

To reach their goals, business owners and digital marketers must use a good combination of what’s outlined above – Analytics, SEO and CRO.

Those who missed the “second shot” have something exciting to look forward to, as the organizers plan to host SEO Shots III sometime in August. Details will be posted on SEO Org’s official Facebook page.

#SweatEatOut2016: Chillin’ the Truelogic Way

On July 2 and 3, TrueLogic family took the party to the picturesque Crystal Beach Resort in Zambales to celebrate the company event: #SweatEatOut2016.

As in the tradition of annual company outings, the event was filled with great food, tough yet diverting challenges, and hard partying — all in the name of fun, team spirit, and bonding.

Team TLOS Arrives

Welcome - TrueLogic

A warm welcome to Team TrueLogic


The team received a warm welcome with fresh coconut juice from the Crystal Beach Resort staff. Our General Manager, Bernard, delivered the opening remarks marking the start of a memorable weekend.

“There are 120 other awesome people in TrueLogic, apart from the two of us (referring to himself and our CEO, Itamar),” he reminded everyone. “Use this event to talk to them and get to know them.”

And get to know each other, we did. We were grouped into smaller teams, with members from different departments for the afternoon games. The groups were named according to colors: Yellow, Blue, Orange, and Green.

We had a blast breaking the ice and sharing trivias with one another. Each team then proceeded to create group names and battle cries and come up with our own winning strategies. Team Yellow is Team ImpactGanern; Blue is Blue Steel; Green is Wild Cats; and Orange is Scaaaarf.

And the games begun!

Competing Teams

Competing Teams - TrueLogic

Top left: Team ImpactGanern; Top right: Team Scaaaarf; Bottom left: Team Wild Cats; Bottom right: Team Blue Steel

 One Colorful Fight

The first game for the afternoon was the Color Fight, where the groups were given colored powder and water balloons to attack the rival teams. The group which has the cleanest member at the end of the game wins.

Color Fight - TrueLogic

Colors make everything extra fun

Everyone was pumped up, throwing water balloons and colored powder, while trying to protect their teammates from the bright, but messy attacks. The game ended with everyone sporting a new look: powder-dyed shirts, ombré hair, and colorful faces!  

Capture the (Wet) Flag

After a short break, the four teams geared up for the second game, Capture the Flag. Blue and Yellow bandanas clashed in the field during the first round as members charged and scampered off to protect their territory and capture the opponent’s flag. The idle teams cheered on the sidelines as they anxiously waited for their turn to play.

Capture the Flag - TrueLogic

Work together to protect your own

A heavy downpour greeted the second round, but that did not stop the Orange and Green teams from finishing the match. After two intense rounds, the Green team was declared the winner.

Eating Our Hearts Out

Before and after the exciting games, we enjoyed scrumptious and hearty meals at the resort. We went around the tables to bond with people from other departments. For dinner, the cozy Casa Corazon was filled with laughter and great music!

Dinner - TrueLogic

Good food, good company

Dinner was even made extra special when some of our team members took the stage and performed well-loved hits.

Partying on the Beach

After dinner, the TLOS family headed to the beachfront to dance the night away. Drinks flowed freely and people waved their glow sticks and LED rings to DJ Arthur’s catchy EDM tracks.

Party night - TrueLogic

We make the night glow

Eden, the company’s unofficial bartender, concocted wicked drinks that had everyone asking for more! It truly was an unforgettable experience. It was a delight to see office introverts finally free up their shyness and sway to the beat. Priceless.

Early Morning Fun

Despite the hangover, some of us woke up early to enjoy the morning sun, walk along the shore, take selfies, swim or just bond some more with colleagues, while some boys sweat it out on the basketball court.  

Morning after - TrueLogic

The fun continues in the morning

Not a minute wasted at Crystal Beach Resort. If only we could stay there forever!

It is easy for us to judge one another, they say. But after a day and a half of playing and partying together, new friendships were formed, mere acquaintances have become new BFFs, and team members have gotten closer. We even found out that the geekiest persons in the office actually know how to party! How cool is that?

With the company core values achieved (Caring, Curiosity, Communication, Techy-ness, Proactive and Energy), we left Crystal Beach with smiles on our faces and happiness in our hearts.

Crystal Beach - TrueLogic

The perfect beach therapy for Team TrueLogic

As we got off the bus to head home and rest, we’re already looking forward to #SweatEatOut2017! And we want you to be part of it!

Check out our careers page to find out how!