Lights, Camera, TERROR!

Energy filled the hallways of TrueLogic once again as employees prepared for a favorite annual event: Halloween! With this year’s theme, Scream Fest, the company revived a category that further taps into the creativity of the groups. On top of transforming their rooms and dressing up, the contestants were required to create a horror-filled movie trailer related to their room décor. Teams looked for inspiration from different suspense/thriller, horror, and psychological films to design their freaky flicks. What raised the stakes this year was the opening of TrueLogic’s new office on the opposite side of the floor. So, instead of… Read More

TrueLogic in Tiptop Shape: A Day of Health & Wellness 2017

It’s easy to forget about health when we’re too wrapped up in work. Luckily, the TrueLogic family knows that health shouldn’t be taken for granted. To keep its employees happy and healthy (and well supplied with freebies), TrueLogic held its annual Day of Health and Wellness on August 31, 2017. The annual health day is a way to alert employees of their health condition. Our lifestyle partners set up booths in the hallway, ready to check if we were in tip-top shape. There were goodies for everyone, too.Keeping Senses Alive A bright smile is not enough – the entire… Read More

Work Hard, Play Harder: TrueLogic Heads to Bataan for #SweatEatOut2017

If there’s anything that the TrueLogic family is good at, it’s – well – everything! Last June 10 to June 11, 2017, the company hung their SEO hats for two days and took a five-hour drive to Hotel Brizo Resort, Bataan. Other than digital marketing professionals, we never knew we had a slew of musicians, rappers, bartenders, sports mavens, quick-witted Jenga players, karaoke kings and queens, and even a dodgeball whiz with superhuman moves straight out of The Matrix. The company outing was a display of skills, talent, and individuality like no other.5AM might have been too early for… Read More

Movie Night 2017: TrueLogic Sets Out to the Galaxy

The TrueLogic family knows how to balance work and play, allowing us to drive great results without the burnout. Our annual movie night was held last April 28, a well-timed special non-working holiday in Metro Manila. Our last superhero-themed event — the Halloween party — highlighted DC heroes and villains, so it was only fair that this one drew attention to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.About 105 participants from the different departments (OPS, SAL, FIN, CNT, MKT, HRA, IT, RAD) met up at the entrance of Greenbelt 3 Cinema 2 for the 7:35 p.m. showing of Marvel’s “Guardians of the… Read More

#OneForTruelogic: All About Family at the San Lorenzo Ruiz Home for the Elderly

“Mano po, nay! Mano po, tay!” TrueLogic Online Solutions’s team of volunteers happily greeted the elders in a tradition Filipinos hold dear. After giving respect, the team looked forward to a special day with lovely seniors at the San Lorenzo Ruiz Home for the Elderly – a non-profit organization that helps Manila’s abandoned and less fortunate elderly.CSR team leads Keith Rosales and April Grace Sumugat opened the program with a warm welcome for the seniors, followed by a word of prayer from Den Noble of the Content Department. To entertain the seniors, the team came up with their very… Read More

#OneForTrueLogic: A Joyous, Caring Day at CRIBS Foundation

“Ah-ah, aso / Buh-buh, bola / Kuh-kuh, Kaktus…”, lyrics from the kid’s favorite “Alpabasa” played on endless loop on March 4th. That Saturday afternoon, a team of volunteers from TrueLogic Online Solutions visited the CRIBS Foundation, a non-profit organization that takes in orphaned infants and young survivors of abuse.The activity was the first in line for #OneForTrueLogic, TrueLogic’s continuing drive to reach out and touch lives under its corporate social responsibility program. The day was marked by ear-to-ear smiles and warmth. For the toddlers at CRIBS, the volunteers prepared a kiddie party. Origami boats sailed across the playroom while… Read More

Hanging with Hipsters and the Hippies: Truelogic’s 2016 Year Ender

Not to blow our own horn, but at Truelogic, we work hard. Something we’re equally great at? Knowing how to party. Last December 17, the entire team donned their tie-dye shirts and ironic, thrift-store outfits to take over the Privé Luxury Club at The Fort Strip, BGC for a night of sick beats and groovy dance moves.The doors opened at 5:30 PM, and with it, access to the beloved party staple: the photoboth. Early birds had a blast showing off their hipster and hippie ensembles while waiting for the other party guests to arrive. After exhausting their poses (or… Read More

TrueLogic Invades Arkham Asylum for Halloween 2016

Straying from last year’s fun-filled Carnival theme, TrueLogic took over Arkham Asylum during the Halloween party last October 28.Three teams — the Admin Room, the Middle Room, and the Operations Room —put in a lot of effort and transformed their respective areas into their vision of the DC Universe’s renowned psychiatric ward. It’s safe to say that the TrueLogic employees had a blast decorating the rooms, posing at the photo booth, and planning their DC-heroes-and-villains-inspired tricks.An Insane Happening To kick off the Halloween party, the entire TrueLogic team gathered around the hallway for the introduction of the room… Read More