How to Plan Success with Website Design and SEO

SEO has become a fundamental element in business, but many companies still do not recognize its importance. In most cases, they realize the need to apply SEO to their website when they see the lack of it adversely affects their online presence and sales. What they do not know is that SEO must not be secondary in website design but rather a primary consideration in planning the layout of your website. If done right, SEO drives prospective customers to your business by ranking your site on the top positions on search engine results pages. Building Your Website with SEO in… Read More

Be SMART: Match Your Marketing Goals with Your SEO Campaign

The need for an effective SEO campaign is fast becoming a top priority for businesses who want to maintain an edge over their competitors. Indeed, SEO services in the Philippines have seen an increase of clients in the past year, a trend which is predicted to continue as 2018 progresses. But while SEO is an integral part of any digital campaign, businesses still need to set very clear and very precise marketing goals to fully utilize the efficiency of SEO. When you clearly communicate your marketing goals with your SEO provider, you set a clear understanding of the specific needs… Read More

SEO & Content Marketing: It’s a Mix You Need

Startups often think that SEO and content marketing belong to two opposite sides of the marketing sphere, and that they have to choose one over the other. Some leave out content marketing and simply focus their efforts on SEO, and vice versa. Others compare SEO and content marketing side-by-side to determine which service will offer them more benefits. This line of thinking is what gets their digital marketing ineffective from the get-go. SEO and content marketing go together. I like to think of it as butter and maple syrup when you’re eating pancakes. If you remove one, I don’t think… Read More

A 7-Point Outsourcing SEO Checklist for Businesses

SEO has become an indispensable tool for businesses looking to boost their brand visibility online. It is likely to remain an integral component of digital marketing, with the impact of online search on the modern consumers’ buying journey. It is no surprise that businesses of all sizes and across all industries are embracing SEO. In the Philippines, SEO is becoming a must-have marketing strategy for businesses, along with social media and digital media marketing. But before you can get to the process of implementing SEO as part of your digital marketing strategy, you have to decide if you want to… Read More

The Experts Speak: Tips on Hiring an SEO Company for Your Business

With the fast changes in the digital landscape, businesses need more than ever to be on top of their online marketing strategies. Among all online marketing services like Social, Pay Per Click, and Reputation Management, SEO is one the hardest to get businesses started with because results take a long time to appear. If you don’t see results even after six months of working with your SEO provider, you’re trusting the wrong person. “How do you find the best SEO company to hire for your business?” We reached out to agency owners, SEO consultants, and online marketing specialists to get… Read More

Reaching Local Customers: Do Restaurants Need SEO?

Reviews are among the factors that drives the decisions of customers. Because it’s impossible to taste the food each restaurant offers, or go to every restaurant to check what’s on their menu, customers resort to the next best thing: finding out what others think about the restaurants they’ve tried. Customers look for Google reviews and online recommendations before heading out to eat. In fact, 90% of customers search for food reviews on the go.Percentage of Customers Searching for Restaurants Online You can just imagine how that particular craving for a certain dish may turn out to be the hunt… Read More

Finding the Ideal Keywords for Your Business

Knowing is half the battle. In SEO, keywords play that major role. No matter how many algorithm updates roll out, keywords will always remain at the heart of SEO. The logic behind it is simple; it is in the nature of search engines to depend on queries – each of which contains at least one niche keyword. Where it becomes challenging is in choosing the best possible keywords for your business. Although almost every word or phrase can be optimized, not everything is worth the effort. You have to understand the niche market of your business and the keywords that… Read More

Open Lines: Giving and Taking Information from Your SEO Agency

How do you know you’ve chosen the right SEO agency? Of course you want results, that goes without saying. What sets a good agency apart from the rest is how they educate you about what they are doing along the way and how well they communicate this to you. The first couple of months of working with an SEO agency is always the hardest, mostly because you can’t expect overnight results. At the very least, you’ll see some changes in rankings, but these may not be significant yet. It takes months to improve your search rankings, especially if there’s a… Read More