How Much Does a Website Cost?

As a business owner, you’re naturally inclined to make sound decisions that will impact your business in the best possible way. But, even after thorough deliberation, you’re still likely to ask: how much does it cost to build a website? That’s what you need to figure out. By identifying the average cost to build a website, you’ll know how to find the right agency that can set the foundation for your digital transformation and, ultimately, get you more customers. We’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you determine how much to spend on web design for your business. Whether… Read More

How to Plan Success with Website Design and SEO

SEO has become a fundamental element in business, but many companies still do not recognize its importance. In most cases, they realize the need to apply SEO to their website when they see the lack of it adversely affects their online presence and sales. What they do not know is that SEO must not be secondary in website design but rather a primary consideration in planning the layout of your website. If done right, SEO drives prospective customers to your business by ranking your site on the top positions on search engine results pages. Building Your Website with SEO in… Read More

Why Responsive Web Design Matters to Your Business

Your website is your business card. When customers search for your brand, it’s often the first thing that they will see. Like how a business card should be designed to impress and make your brand known to customers, your website should be created just the same. But, great websites don’t just come out of thin air. Websites are a product of collaborative work. The cost of setting up a website is an important matter you’ll have to consider. And while your business isn’t foreign to the idea of spending, you’ll feel a lingering notion that investing in it doesn’t necessarily… Read More

Finding a Web Designer in the Philippines: Ask These Questions First

Your web designer is one of the most important people you’ll need while running your company. Several things rely on how good your web designer is: your site’s look and feel, loading time, mobile-friendliness, and the overall user experience. These are all important aspects if you want your site visitors to convert to paying customers and loyal patrons. It’s important to choose your web designer and SEO company wisely. But, how do you choose the right one from the bunch? Here are some questions that can help you choose before finalizing a deal: How soon can you expect results? This… Read More

A Few Notes on Redesigning Your Website

A home makeover is something you need to do if you want to update the look of your home and impress guests, onlookers, and perhaps, a property assessor. The same principle holds true for web redesign. There will certainly come a time when you will have to declutter your online place, change certain functions, and leave behind the things that hold it back. A web redesign project should not focus solely on updating a site’s appearance. It should go beyond choosing a nice color palette and increasing the size of the fold. Here at TrueLogic, our designers always see to… Read More

10 Best Kept Secret Designer Tool Tips

There’s something that’s always bugged me slightly about new designers in the digital space. Oftentimes, newbies think that learning the core set of software tools [Photoshop, Illustrator, etc] means that they are ‘now a designer’. I’ve observed over the years that it’s the rules and principles of design that make the art. Quality in design: everyone wants it, but it’s hard to come by. I’ve been a graphic and web designer for 7 years. I’ve done work for hundreds of projects, and have progressed in a lot of areas. My learning curve experience was a bit long-winded, so today I’m… Read More

Three Popular Navigation Options for Responsive Websites

Designing websites to suit all screen sizes can be an interesting challenge. You’ll need to decide which elements need to be hidden or resized to accommodate smaller devices. Your navigation is a crucial website element, and you shouldn’t be careless about how you adjust it for smaller screens. Here are a few great ideas for handling navigation menus for responsive designs. Dropdown Menus Dropdown menus are the go-to method of keeping a website’s navigation uncluttered. This allows your users to simply tap or click on an icon or a button to toggle the menu’s visibility. Your dropdown menu’s individual links… Read More

Your Website’s Call-to-Action Buttons: Four Important Elements

The call-to-action (CTA) button is a key element of any webpage or landing page design. Your website visitors’ decision to perform an action depends on a lot of factors, including your CTA button’s copy, color, size, and placement. Copy Using generic text like “click here” or “submit” won’t really convince your visitors to act on a call-to-action. Effective CTA button copy should: Be relevant Your website copy should always be relevant to its visitors’ state of mind. A study conducted by Danish copywriter Michael Aargaard shows that making a button’s copy more relevant can increase click-through-rates by as much as… Read More