How Much Does a Website Cost?

As a business owner, you’re naturally inclined to make sound decisions that will impact your business in the best possible way. But, even after thorough deliberation, you’re still likely to ask: how much does it cost to build a website? That’s what you need to figure out. By identifying the average cost to build a website, you’ll know how to find the right agency that can set the foundation for your digital transformation and, ultimately, get you more customers. We’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you determine how much to spend on web design for your business. Whether… Read More

How to Plan Success with Website Design and SEO

SEO has become a fundamental element in business, but many companies still do not recognize its importance. In most cases, they realize the need to apply SEO to their website when they see the lack of it adversely affects their online presence and sales. What they do not know is that SEO must not be secondary in website design but rather a primary consideration in planning the layout of your website. If done right, SEO drives prospective customers to your business by ranking your site on the top positions on search engine results pages. Building Your Website with SEO in… Read More

Four Things You Need to Know About the Heartbleed Bug

Online marketers, website owners and Internet users have been on edge these past several days because of the so-called Heartbleed Bug. Many of you may be panicking over the security of your information, but before you reach any conclusions, I’d like to share with you a few things you need to know about the Internet’s latest threat that can clarify any misconceptions you may have. It’s Not a Virus You may have thought that because of its name, the Heartbleed bug is a virus, malware, or some other form of invasive program. Heartbleed is not a virus. It is vulnerability… Read More

Google Will Switch to New Website Verification API in 2014

Here’s something that webmasters and website owners should know: Just before Christmas, John Mueller announced on the official Google Webmaster Central blog that they will be retiring the old website verification API method at the start of the year. According to Mueller’s post, they will retire the old verification API method on the 31st of March this coming year. The new website verification API will not affect the rest of the API and the verification method itself. The good thing about the new method is it uses the same client libraries as most of the Google APIs you’re already using,… Read More

Google Expands Webmaster Tools to Show Smartphone Crawl Errors

It can be difficult to identify smartphone-specific problems on your website unless a smartphone user starts pointing it out. Your web developers might be so focused on troubleshooting and maintaining your website using a desktop computer that they might not even be aware of the problems smartphone users run into when accessing your website. With so many people using mobile devices to access the internet today, overlooking smartphone-specific problems can significantly affect your website’s usability and engagement. The recent update to Google Webmaster Tools expands the Crawl Errors feature to identify common smartphone errors on your website. The Crawl Errors… Read More

How to Make the Most Out of Your 404 Pages

No matter how careful you are about your site structure, someone’s bound to land on your 404 page through an old link or because they mistyped a URL. Many marketers don’t realize that these pages offer a lot of opportunities to engage their website’s visitors. If your website has boring, generic 404 pages that simply state that there’s a problem, your visitors will simply close the window and look for something else. Having a good 404 page gives them a reason to stay. The Elements of a Good 404 Page You can customize your 404 page any way you want,… Read More

Three Simple Ways to Set Your Web Development Priorities

Backend web development is a complex process. A lot of effort and time goes into making sure a website looks great and performs well, and the amount of tasks that need to be completed throughout the duration of a project can be a bit overwhelming. The key to getting everything done is to know how to set your priorities correctly.Our software engineer, MC, works on the backend for one of our websites. Here are a few tips that I find useful when my team and I face a complicated project and need to reassess our priorities.… Read More

Matt Cutts Says There is No Downside to Using Responsive Design in Terms of SEO

Many website owners are hesitant about converting to responsive design because they worry about how it would affect their websites’ search engine optimization and PageRank. Matt Cutts addressed this concern in the latest Google Webmaster Help video.This video is Cutts’ response to the question: “Does a site leveraging responsive design “lose” any SEO benefit compared to a more traditional m. site?” The current popularity and availability of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have made mobile accessibility and functionality essentials for every website. One option is to create a separate mobile site (usually hosted on a subdomain like “”)… Read More