I’ve found everything I’ve been searching for in a career here at TrueLogic: opportunity for growth, performance-based rewards, challenging work and sincere camaraderie. Each day, I learn something new about SEO. I can honestly say that I look forward to going to work, every single day.

Working at TrueLogic has given me the opportunity to work side by side brilliant SEO specialists who know the craft of search engine marketing to its core. Every working day is a learning experience. I have never been involved with a company that is as fast growing and as ‘homely’ as TrueLogic.

Working at TrueLogic is one of the best things that happened in my career. The work environment is challenging, fun, and encourages you to grow and be the best in what you do. If you are considering a career in SEO and internet marketing in a good company, TrueLogic is an excellent place to start.

It’s my first time working and I am lucky to be employed at Truelogic. People here are so cool and fun to be with. Truelogic develops their employee’s skills and help them grow as an individual. It’s easier to work if you are surrounded by people with great sense of humor that brings enthusiasm in the workplace. This keeps Truelogic alive: We work and we laugh, that’s why we rock!

Truelogic is among the companies that produce and improve candidate employees in its distinct and healthy environment. With competition embedded within the company DNA, it gives its people the right push to reach their goals. The management maintains strict rules and imposes accountability down to the smallest details, yet it still values open communication from the management down to its workers.

I am new to Truelogic Online Solution Inc. and I can really say that I have already learned a lot. I am not new to SEO but the process they taught me are just too perfect for me to be productive. Furthermore, the people and the staff are friendly and very accommodating. I also enjoy working here since I am reporting to work in normal hours. This time, I can really say that I am living normally. Thanks Truelogic.

I can say that working at Truelogic is a chance to gain more knowledge about Search Engine Optimization. This company is very dynamic and every day is a learning process that gives me the desire to learn more skills and experiences.

I’ve never been to a company where people are so cool, specially the bosses. The thing that keeps Truelogic alive is the people and the open-minded management. You can’t see any other company that’s like this one, people acting as one big group.

It has been great so far. 2011 was a banner year and going into 2012 we must sustain the momentum of growth. I have seen the company grow from the last 9 months and I am looking forward to growing with the company.



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